07 October 2020

Tooting outdoor T'ai Chi meet up news

I have just uploaded today's lesson to the Dropbox for those studying Short Form, or those who would find it useful. Talking to the class, the problem of 'mirroring' or not mirroring is tricky, which way are we facing? and so on. These problems arise when we have not been able to consolidate things in person in class, by moving together as a group, and getting the forms in our body mind and muscle memory. It is important to remember how challenging it is to learn online something as rich and complex as T'ai Chi, and that you are all doing really well. It's good to get the body moving, and many of the benefits of T'ai Chi simply come from doing the movements, as best we can.

However, to help move things along here is a possibility. The lido pavilion is still not available for classes. Zumba is running outdoors at the pool, but rain is always possible, so it's not an option for me to regularly hire the outdoors space there on a Wednesday morning. However, I am now back in Tooting on Tuesday evenings to study and assist with my teacher. I could certainly spend an hour doing T'ai Chi in the park near the lido carpark. It would not be 'a lesson' (this is not allowed by the park authorities). However, we can do socially distanced T'ai Chi together, in our warm clothes. It would be great to see whoever came along, and for you to get the form back in your bodies. Then we could discuss ways forward to meet outdoors in person. Perhaps someone will have a suitable garden with a side entrance. I am sure something will turn up. Of course, as I am the opposite of a hard marketeer, I do not even have everyone's email addresses from class, being firmly of the 'if they want to come, they'll turn up' school of thought. So if you are reading this and know that old colleagues from the class are not in the Whatsapp or email list, please let people know about this blog post and the planned first meet up next week. All Mark's students are obviously very welcome too.

If no one turns up, I shall do a form, then head to my brother's for tea! Here's the details.

T'ai Chi Short Form informal meet up session 4-5pm, 13th October 2020, within sight of the lido carpark, wherever the ground feels not too boggy! It will run unless heavy rain falls. I will find a good spot... Wrap up warm, especially hats or ear-warmers, bring a flask of tea if you like! We'll make plans for future sessions and outdoor venue. Wear a mask if you like, we won't be touching and will keep 2m distanced. Any contributions will be entirely up to you. See you there!

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