20 May 2018

Monday Short Form class tomorrow

21/05/18 7-9pm The Studio, near Hampton Court. £10, all GR and TCC students welcome.
Have a beautiful day in the sunshine.

13 May 2018

Wild Twins head home

Thanks to Sarah and Anja for enriching our tine at Sherkin North Shore on the wild west coast of Ireland. We may have been there to do art and writing, but the three of us had some great practice sessions of Short Form and Heart Work. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at classes and workshops very soon.

06 May 2018

No Turriff class 7th May

There's no class at Turriff this week as the venue is closed for the May holiday. We're back at the usual time next Monday, 14th May.

02 May 2018


I shall miss my T'ai Chi family while I am away teaching in Ireland over the next fortnight but am excited about the work that I'll be sharing. On Friday I'll be teaching a group of home-schooled children, and some adults, all about colour theory and mixing, at The Happy Pig, Mark Boyle's 'Free Pub' in Cork. Then on Saturday Paul Kingsnorth and I travel to the remote Island of Sherkin to teach Wild Twins, putting image and words back together and inviting the wildness of nature to seep into and bubble out of both. Luckily for me, Anja of the Scottish posse and Sarah from the Mark's Tuesday class will be on this course too, so we can do plenty of Form together and hopefully some salutations on the beach too. Wish me luck.

It's a new tern on Tuesday class next week, for those who pay Mark in blocks.

Next Monday Short Form study group at the studio is on 21st May.

Last night Stever Wheeeler of the Dark Mountain Project was my guest at Mark's class. He has done many years Chi Kung, Chinese Medicine and T'ai Chi, so it was a pleasure to invite him along. He is running this wonderful-looking journey in Wales, 'Walking the Tale of Taliesin', have a look at Triskel.

In the current DM13 there is great work by artist photographer Anne Campbell, who is also a neighbour of Davina's. See her excellent work here.

Apparently it is late Spring. But it is rainy and chilly here, after a wonderful sunny Beltane yesterday. Ah well, I shall take the rain with the sun.

30 April 2018

Good things for Beltane

Thanks to the folks who came to the inaugural Short Form study group, it was great. We did the warm ups, two Short Forms, lots of application study, questions and then formally looking at the first three postures of the form.
In the studio

Just past full moon tonight.

Finally finished my buckskin skirt to teach in next week at Wild Twins.

Short Form Class tonight

7-9pm at the studio with Caroline.

27 April 2018

Good luck

...to Phil on the imminent birth of his first bairn.
He will keep us posted.

London Classes with Caro

Tonight Friday 7-9pm Plaistow: Warm ups, Short Form, Long Form study, postures and applications.
Monday at the studio 7-9pm: warm ups, Short Form, Posture study and application in depth.
Come along! £10 per session. Contact me for exact addresses.

26 April 2018


...to Kevin for asking me to cover his class last week in Feltham, what a great group! It was all ex-servicemen and their wives. They know how to work hard. Also was the first time I have done the warm up set with the sound of bangles jingling.

24 April 2018

Dance session next Sunday - Venue Change

There is a workshop on The Dance on Sunday 29th April 2-5pm, at the studio near Hampton Court, not at the usual hall, as numbers were not sufficient. All who are already studying the Dance at whatever level are welcome to come along. £20, 2-5pm.

Rock Art

Here's a link to the blog post I wrote about my cover art for the Dark Mountain 13 edition.

23 April 2018

Plaistow class Friday

Let me know if you'd like to come along, 7-9pm, £10.

19 April 2018


Thanks to all for a great weekend of T'ai Chi. I will miss you all next month but hope that the packed sessions will have given you lots to work on. See you in June! Here's a few pictures.
Needles at Sea Bottom joint lock (Chin na) practice

It works!

When sword met staff

Applications in sun and with Bennachie in view, wonderful.

Anja's current T'ai Chi spot, way out west.