20 October 2019

No Turriff class this week

Just a reminder there is no class at Turriff this week, 21st October. We'll restart the term on Monday 28th 6:45-8:15pm for Short Form students, continuing to 8:45pm for Long Form. Classes will run until 16th December.

18 October 2019

London classes with Mark

Classes resume next week on Tuesday 22nd October and continue until the Christmas break. Mark has been away teaching in Aberdeenshire for the 14th Annual workshop and for 121s.

If you have any queries or questions about private matters, syllabus, or other points or issues you'd like to raise, then let us know as soon as you are able, rather than leaving it a long time. This is just a reminder to say that whatever the matter, both Mark and myself are available to regular students of The T'ai Chi Centre and Great River T'ai Chi by phone or in person. I can also be reached by text and email.

Wishing you a good weekend, Caro.

16 October 2019

Thursdays at Monymusk

Here's the revised rota for Thursday sessions until the end of the year. As usual we'll be in the Small Hall 6:30-8:45pm and Large Hall 8:45-9:30pm at Monymusk except where listed. The price is £30 for 10 weeks or £5/£3.50 per week.

17-Oct  Davina   main hall
24-Oct  Janet     main hall
31-Oct Sandy
07-Nov Paolo     8-10 only (small hall) 
14-Nov Marie
21-Nov Anneke
28-Nov Janet
05-Dec Davina
12-Dec Marie   8-10 only (small hall)
19-Dec Paolo   6:30-9:30 (small hall)

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

11 October 2019

No London classes next week

Mark is away teaching the 14th Annual October workshop so there is no Tooting class on 15th and no Hampton Court class on 17th October. classes resume as normal the following week and continue until Christmas. Last dates of term and first date of 2020 term tbc.

10 October 2019

Aberdeenshire workshop coming up

We are really looking forward to coming up tomorrow, and last preparations are in order. A long weekend of great T'ai Chi awaits us.

I have had no time for online activities due to family duties, moving home, travel and planned work. Apologies for lack of posts here, and that the websites may be a month behind. Over the winter break it should all start to come together. Or at least that's the plan!

See you all at class soon, Caro.

Heads up for price changes

Just a quick post to say that for the Aberdeenshire classes the prices will go up slightly from January from £18 per session to £20. The concession and 121 prices remain the same at £12 and £30 respectively. This is due to LNER prices having gone up quite a bit this year. I always travel by train and it costs me at least £190 per trip, including tube and train to and from Kings Cross.

For the Tooting 1 hour Wednesday classes the prices will go up from £5 to £6 for SLSC members and from £8 to £9 for non-members on 1st November. For Mark's regular students who come along, the fee will go up from £2 to £3. Again, transport costs have risen sharply this last year, and the hall fee is substantial.

Hope this gives everyone enough notice. As usual, never let money be a reason you can't come along, I am always happy to provide further concessions for sincere students who are low on funds for some time.

07 October 2019

Turriff term dates

There is class tonight but there will be no classes for 2 weeks during the school holidays (i.e. 14th & 21st October). We will restart on 28th October at the usual time and place.

For those paying in advance, the next 6-week block starts on the 11th of November. The term will run until 16th December.

03 October 2019

Autumn workshop - venue information

If anyone intending coming along to the Aberdeenshire Autumn workshop didn't get my email with information about the impact of the hall renovations, please get in touch so I can send you the relevant details.

Also I've just noticed there was a typo in the printed invitations saying accomodation is available in the hall. That only applies to the summer intensive at Kingston, so if you need somewhere to stay then let me know as some local folk still have room available.


29 September 2019

Wild practice

I am off to the woods for my yearly pilgrimage to sit with trees, practice in the open air, and challenge myself in both mental and practical ways. When I am not busy making my shelter, getting water, foraging or cooking, there is, strangely, enough time to do T'ai Chi, standing or sitting practice. I hope you will think of me and send good luck, as rain and cold are forecast!

See you at class when I return. Tooting class will be covered by Kevin this week.

This week I will mainly be doing T'ai Chi while wearing a woollen 
homemade Viking hood. Thanks to Alison for the fabric, it's cosy!
Also, no sword, but plenty of atlatl practice. 

23 September 2019

October 3 day workshop is approaching

I hope you'll be able to come to the forthcoming 14th annual autumn workshop 12-14 October at Fetternear Hall, Aberdeenshire. All Great River and The T'ai Chi Centre students are welcome, at any level of study. Just search 'workshops' here on the blog for prices and details, or get in touch with me. We can help with finding accommodation and travel advice. daily format and prices are the same as the summer workshop, with shared food.

21 September 2019

Making a mark, lightly.

If you have a cuppa and fancy seeing what I get up to when not doing T'ai Chi, then have a look at the great print and online environmental magazine Earth Island Journal, where I am the featured artist this autumn. The principles of wu-wei, non-interference, naturalness, spontaneity and holding to earth are as central to my art as to my T'ai Chi. I hope you enjoy it.

Yggdrasil, world tree, for a recent commission.
Home made iron gall and copper oxide inks.