22 June 2017

Sword Workshop

The next Sword workshop will be at the usual venue on Sunday 9th July. All who have begun Sword are welcome ro attend. Please let me know if you intend to come. If fewer than 8 folks sign up then it will take place near Hampton Court instead. 

20 June 2017

Solstice eve

Home late after work which meant I sadly had to miss class. Lit my lamp, new wick and oil needed, candles have taken over duty. Litha tomorrow: midsummer day. For some it's the middle of summer for others the start. How it feels to me: midday of the year.
   Speaking if midday, the heat has been too much for me for the last 4 days, to be honest, and there's still another day or two to go. In the mornings I have taught T'ai Chi in our shady hideaway or done chores but I spend the afternoons mainly spraying myself with a plant mister full of water and only trying to do small things. My neighbours jump in the river to cool-off but I've seen the huge jaws of the many huge healthy pike...
Here's one small job done: the knife I forged three years ago now with the full-tang pear-wood handle cut down to the perfect size. Now it can hang on a neck strap of twined buckskin. I was given the bark tanned leather to sew the case. Hilariously found a good set of photos and instructions on art of manliness dot com. If only they knew how large is the intersect in the Venn diagram of my set of (wo)manly arts and interests and theirs. 
Alder tree against the sky just now. 

19 June 2017

Life on the (great) river

Not at all related to T'ai Chi, but to the river... A good friend of ours is selling her lovely boat on a residential mooring. Insert sentence here about 'hen's teeth'. You can have a look at www.lifeontheriver.net 

15 June 2017

Plaistow class this Friday

All who have finished Short Form are welcome to our class near Plaistow tube station on Friday 16th June 7-9pm. Please arrive five minutes early if possible. Please get in touch for the address. 

12 June 2017

Sabre workshop

Yesterday's Sabre workshop was great, packed with folks doing some lovely form. Well done and thanks to all who came. 
Sword workshop will be on Sunday 9th July.

07 June 2017

Open T'ai Chi Class in Hillswick Shetland

I will be running an introductory T'ai Chi class for all who wish to come along on July 5th at 7pm at The Weaving Shed Gallery, Hillswick. There will be no charge for the class but donations for the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary next door will be gratefully received. I will be in Shetland teaching a student privately and an open class seemed like a good idea. I have some crazy half-formed idea that one day a Viking squad (there are almost 50 in Shetland) might like to learn some very unViking Sword for fun... Sadly as yet we have no Axe Form. Perhaps they can teach me.

I can't wait to visit the otter sanctuary next door to where I will be staying. I have seen the tail and ripples of a departing sea otter whilst foraging in Ardnamurchan but have never got really close to one yet. My grandmother, who was from NE Aberdeenshire, instilled in me a great love of otters and told me how as a young girl she used to see them hunting in the burns and rivers near her home. It may well be hard to concentrate on 'Embrace Tiger, Return To Mountain' when these fellows are next door.
You can donate to their urgent appeal here.

Classes this week and weekend

Thursday class resumes this week with Ta Lu and Sword study.

On Sunday there is a Sabre session 2-5pm usual time and place. All who have begun Sabre are welcome. 

Classes will continue as normal all term until the Summer Workshop. 

Stiffness is the way of death

...says the Tao Te Ching.

Want your T'ai Chi postures to be strong and stable?


Maybe aim for principled yet flexible.

Aberdeenshire last weekend

Thanks to all who came over the weekend for lovely T'ai Chi. Several of us - myself included - were under the weather with injury or illness but it was still a good weekend. Working with consistency and gentleness is always a worthwhile endeavour, especially in the beautiful surrounds of the Aberdeenshire countryside.
Sabre applications
Out in the sunshine, hopefully not peturbing the locals. 
T'ai Chi walking using 'push'. 
Midsummer sun and rain making a lush environment for our study. 

01 June 2017

Aberdeenshire Thursday sessions

Here's the rota for the Thursday sessions until the summer break. As usual we'll be in the Small Hall 7-9pm and Large Hall 9-10pm at Monymusk except where stated. The price is £25 for 7 weeks or £5/week.

01-Jun    Paolo
08-Jun    Marie    Balvack (TBC)
15-Jun    Sandy
22-Jun    Scott
29-Jun    Davina
06-Jul     Janet
13-Jul     Marie

Sesssions at Monymusk will restart on 17th August.

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

29 May 2017

June workshops, Aberdeenshire

This month's workshops with Caroline are this coming weekend 2-4th June.

As usual, the Weapons session is at Fetternear Hall at the earlier start time of 6:30pm
Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions, which will be at Anneke's place in Finzean. We'll be out in the garden, weather permitting !
The Sunday workshops are at Balvack.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons, including Sabre for beginners 6:30-7:30  (£5).
Saturday 1-4pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 5.30-8.30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 1-4pm: Long Form
Sunday 5.30-8.30pm: Advanced Studies and Dance

The price is £16 (concs available) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other questions.

All the dates for the 2017 Aberdeenshire workshops are available here

28 May 2017

Next Sabre workshop in London

... is 2-5pm Sunday 11th June at our usual venue St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Trinity Rd, by Wandsworth Common. All who have started Sabre, or who have finished it, are welcome. £22.

25 May 2017

Thursday classes resume 8th June

Mark will resume teaching at the Streatham venue at 6.30pm as usual.