23 October 2016

Turriff class

The Turriff class restarts this Monday, 24th October at the Gateway Centre. Short Form class is 6:30-8pm and the Long Form group continues until 8:30pm. Returners and Long Form students, as well as new beginners, will be very welcome.
The term will run until 12th December and the price for the 8 week block is £60/£48 Short Form, £68/£55 Long Form. The weekly price remains £9/7, +£1 for Long Form.

18 October 2016

A great day

This ordinary looking hedgerow near where I used to live is home to an amazing abundance of crab apple and wilding trees. I was lucky enough to go foraging there yesterday before class. 

A great yield. 

Thanks again to all for the delicious food we shared. 

Sunset at Fetternear. This year I also managed to record the rooks. Will post that delightful sound file soon. 

Spontaneous High Pat on Horse. Thanks to Mark for wonderful teaching this weekend. 

Our double pushing hands is so much deeper, spontaneous, responsive and more alive after all we learned over this workshop. 
Thanks to all who came and brought their great energy and enthusiasm. 

16 October 2016

Day 2

Thanks to Mark for a wonderful day at the workshop. A surprise visit from Chris from Totnes (via a wedding in Scotland) was a lovely treat. Here's most of the workshop crew, just a couple missing from the pic: Claire and Paul. 

Tofu Roshi

Returning to my occasional series of posts about excellent, interesting or useful books to fellow T'ai Chi folks, here's the first of the next bunch. 

The Life and Ltters of Tofu Roshi, by Susan Ichi Su Moon (Shambala Books, 1988) is one of my favourite books and is laugh-out-loud funny, if you have any experience of meditation centres, gurus or Zen. Tofu Roshi, the abbot of a fictional California Zendo the 'No Way Zen Center' is our sandal-stealing advice-giving hero / fool. As it says in the foreword: 'Many teachers in their pride, vainly boast that they know nothing, but it is Tofu alone who has truly suceeded in achieving total ignornace.'
This book is, bizarrely, a pretty good Zen primer too. The perfect Christmas gift for a friend with too many pairs of Birkenstocks. 

Workshop day one

A really great start to the weekend. 
Pushing hands - single, double, free. 

Mark demonstrating uproots with press. 

15 October 2016

Weapons last night

Thanks to Mark for a great Sabre and Sword session. 
Parting the Grass Looking for Snakes- application

Mark teaching A Python Coils Around Inside Mt Cai application

Davina loses her head. 

13 October 2016


Finally finished my first little lop-sided salmon skin pouch, sewn with synthetic sinew and fastened with a shell and some buckskin. It's currently full of mussel shell pallettes and a a buzzard bone pen. 9/10 pre modern - as I couldn't face licking and hand-laying cordage for an hour with deer sinew the other day. Some people may not consider these natural materials very appealing, but they are wonderful to work with and to my eyes are beautiful to look at even when not in use. 

Aberdeenshire ahoy

Mark and I will travel tomorrow for the wokshops. See you there! 

12 October 2016

Aberdeenshire Thursday sessions

Here's the rota for the final block of Thursday sessions this year. We'll be in the Small Hall 7-9pm and Large Hall 9-10pm at Monymusk except where stated. The price is £35 for 10 weeks or £5/week.

13-Oct    Janet
20-Oct    Marie
27-Oct    Sandy
3-Nov     Paolo
10-Nov   Scott
17-Nov   Janet
  8-10pm only (Small Hall)
24-Nov   Davina
1-Dec     Marie
8-Dec     Paolo
15-Dec   Sandy

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

11 October 2016

Mark's London classes

This week Tuesday and Thursday classes run as normal. Next week Mark will be away teaching in Aberdeenshire at the annual 3 day workshop so there will be no London classes. Classes resume 25th and 27th October nd continue until the Winter break.

07 October 2016

One week to go!

There's just one more week until the Annual Aberdeenshire Autumn workshop at Fetternear Hall with Master Mark Raudva. All the details are available by clicking here, or feel free to contact me if there's anything I can do to help you come along.

Turriff class

The Turriff class is taking a break for  the school holidays and will restart on Monday 24th October at the Gateway Centre. New beginners and returners will be made very welcome. More details to follow.

Aberdeenshire classes flyer

Here's the latest flyer with info on the Aberdeenshire classes. Click on it to get a larger version.

04 October 2016

Sword and sabre tonight

Also sword on Thursday. 

No classes 18th and 20th Oct in London. 

03 October 2016

Shorter Thursday session this week

As the bowlers are in the main hall the Thursday session at Monymusk on 6th October will be in the Small Hall from 8-10pm only.