29 August 2014

Home from holidays

2 weeks mainly watching the sea go out and come back in again, catching supper, scooping up whitebait beached by the vast mackerel shoals... Pressing random homemade drinks and hot smoked fish upon friends and visitors. Boiling caragheen seaweed to help make blackberry & mulberry panna cotta and other foraging delights. Now back on the river. More soon. 

Aberdeenshire Workshops 5-7th September

The next Aberdeenshire workshops with Caroline are on the 5-7th September. All workshops are at Balvack, except for Weapons which is at Fetternear Hall. Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions.

Friday 7-10pm: Weapons
Saturday 2-5pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 6.30-9.30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 2-5pm: Long Form, Heartwork, One Posture
Sunday 6.30-9.30pm: Dance, etc.

The price is £15 (concs available) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other questions.

There will also be a mushrooming expedition on Monday 8th September. Let Caro or me know if you'd like to come. Wear suitable outdoor clothing, and bring a penknife if you have one.

The October workshop is a 3 day intensive with Mark on 11-13th October.
The dates for 2014 workshops in Aberdeenshire are listed here.

21 August 2014

Turriff class restarts 25th August

The Turriff T'ai Chi class restarts on Monday 25th August at the Gateway Centre (behind the swimming pool) from 6:30pm.  This block of 6 weeks runs until 6th October: there is no class on 8th September. The Autumn term will continue from 27th October until 15th December.

The Short Form section of the class, including partnerwork and warm-ups, is from 6:30 to 8pm. Total beginners as well as returners will be very welcome. The standard price is £42 per 6 week block, or £9 per session if paying weekly. Concession prices are £30 for 6 weeks, or £6 weekly.

From 8-8:30pm there is the opportunity for more experienced students to study Yang Style Long Form. This will cost an extra £1 per week.

If you need any further information please contact me on 07540 351742 or email davina (at) greatrivertaichi (dot) co (dot) uk.

Please note: I will not have access to email from 18-24th August, so please contact me by phone if  you need to reach me  during that time.

16 August 2014

15 August 2014

The Thames at 4mph

A few weeks ago I assisted a friend in delivering a narrowboat from Abingdon to Penton Hook. It was scorching hot and very bright both days, with no shade from the sun. For a while I sat in the bow cabin out of the sun, and took this film from the bow deck, somewhere up-river before Henley. Enjoy.

Staff Partnerwork

Here are some awesome time lapse photos from the workshop by Jeremy of the circling staff partnerwork.

More music


Dear all,

I hope you're all surviving the August showers!

My next gig is on bank holiday Monday 25th August at the renowned Half Moon in Putney. It's an all day event with a BBQ and pizza oven fired up all day, as well as plenty of other awesome acts to keep you entertained (see Facebook event )

Please note my early set time of 5.30 :)

Address: 93 Lower Richmond Road
SW15 1EU
Entry £2.50

Also a reminder that you can buy my EP through my webstore if you haven't already :) www.karengracemusic.com

Karen x

14 August 2014

Tonight's Thursday session

The Community Council are using the small room at Monymusk this evening, so we'll be in the Large Hall from 7-10pm.

Term dates

I shall be away and only contactable by text until 30 August.
Hackney term resumes 3rd September.
Mark's classes resume Tuesday 9th September. 

Wishing you all a fruitful remainder of the summer break.
The T'ai Chi Centre Tuesday night class senior students beginning Squatting Single whip.

13 August 2014

Swedish Workshop thanks

I had another wonderful time in Sweden. Many thanks to all the lovely students who came to the workshops, to Janet for assisting, and huge thanks to Anna for organising everything and hosting us.

Swedish Bronze sword

One for all you sword fans out there...

12 August 2014

Peter's T'ai Chi beach

Got this lovely pic from Peter:
'This is the beach that I think of as 'my t'ai chi beach'. It's close to New Quay, on a part of the Burren, Co. Clare, know as the 'Flaggy Shore' (viz Seamus Heaney's poem). It's a selfie taken in single whip, with me facing the Twelve Bens visible dimly across Galway Bay.'

Pushing Hands UK

Florence has sent me this link to an event she goes to which is held annually. I have not been myself, but it looks well run and coming from a good place. I'd welcome info from those who have been. I would go along myself but I shall be in deepest Dorset variously knapping flints, staring at the sea, eating crab and drinking mead.

Workshop Photos

Thanks to Tim for these photos and many more which I will sort through soon. Here's a few for you to Enjoy. I will also sort through the pictures Davina has sent me soon.
Short Form practice

A glimpse through the hatch


Ward-off right
The final day of the workshop, showing about half the attendees for the whole week.

Chris having great fun with sword in hand.

Sabre Form

10 August 2014

Monymusk Short Form Class

The Monymusk Short Form Classes will resume on
Tuesday 12th August. 7.00 - 9.00 pm,  in Monymusk Village Hall.

Cost is £60 per 5-weeks. (concessions £48)

Both returning and new students are welcome.

Classes will run weekly on Tuesday evenings until early December.

07 August 2014

121 lessons this summer at Hampton Court

I am available for 121 bookings until 11th August and then again from 30th August onwards. There are both large indoor and outdoor spaces to teach in here, so all topics, including weapons, can be studied. Get in touch if you would like a session over the holidays.

Lost property

After the workshop we found only one item of lost property: a black ladies v neck sweater. Get in touch if it's yours. 

I am still avoiding screens in favour of being outdoors picking fruit, so the pictures from the workshop are not yet sorted... Apologies. 

05 August 2014

Autumn Intensive 11-13th October

This years Autumn Intensive with Mark in Aberdeenshire is from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th October at Fetternear Hall. There is also a Weapons session on Friday 10th October. Train tickets are already on sale here and local students will have rooms available for visitors.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance with travel or accommodation.

Thursday Long Form sessions - August to October

Here's the rota for the next block of Thursday sessions. We'll be in the Small Hall 7-9pm and Large Hall 9-10pm at Monymusk as usual except where shown. The cost is now £30 or £4.50/week.

07-Aug    Paolo
14-Aug    Davina  Large Hall 7-10pm
21-Aug    Janet
28-Aug    Marie
04-Sep    Neil
11-Sep    Sandy
18-Sep    Davina  Millbank Hall
25-Sep    Anneke
02-Oct    Janet
09-Oct    Marie    Monymusk Small Hall  8-10pm only

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.