19 February 2019


Thanks to all for a really great weekend of work. It was also good to see those of you back from travels and operations. Hope all colds have now cleared up too. I will be travelling lots until Monday next week, so text me if you need to be in touch.

Single Whip applications

Tara Workshop with Anneke

Come and relax and let your nervous system be unburdened from stress, overload and trauma.

24 February 2019, 11am-5pm
Findhorn Village Centre, Church Place, Findhorn IV36 3YR
 A practical workshop with Anneke Stolte FwSS MSc

The TARA Approach is a form of energy medicine based on the ancient Eastern technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Compassion. It uses twenty-six sites on the body that are particularly powerful bioelectrical energy centres. These are held in different combinations or 'Flows' to restore the circulation of energy along the extra-ordinary meridian lines of our body and to activate our inherent self-healing processes. 
In the TARA Approach the Jin Shin Jyutsu is fused with Western neuro-science to offer specific tools for the recovery from shock and trauma. Chronic health conditions, auto-immune issues, fatigue, difficulties in dealing with stress, anxiety, addictions, could all be signs of the body holding on to shock and trauma.

This is a practical one-day workshop introducing the energy medicine and self-care practices, which can be used by anyone who is interested in transforming trauma for themselves or others and can be incorporated in other bodywork or healing modalities.

Cost £40 Booking annekestolte@hotmail.co.uk
Anneke is a qualified Foundation teacher of the TARA Approach www.Tara-Approach.org who has studied with Dr Stephanie Mines, since 2011. She is also a Shiatsu practitioner, T’ai Chi teacher and Ecologist MSc.

15 February 2019

Heading to Scotland

Today marks the start of two weeks travelling to teach T'ai Chi, first Scotland then Sweden next week. I am really looking forward to seeing all the students, hearing your news and sharing some great work. See you soon.

13 February 2019

Mark's website temporarily down

Thanks to Paolo for alerting us to the fact Mark's website is temporarily own. I have informed Mark and David, so hopefully it will be up again soon.

Moll and the Future Kings

I am off to see Tuesday T'ai Chi class' Sarah Grange's production Moll and the Future Kings, at the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse, at Shakespeare's Globe theatre. Maybe see you there. All the details are here.

12 February 2019

Next Hampton Court Short Form Class

is on 4th March, 7-9pm, £10. All welcome.

11 February 2019

Next Heart Work class

with Mark at the Hampton Court Studio is Sunday 3rd March 2-5pm, £20. All welcome.

Monday Short Form Class

Is tonight at Hampton Court studio, 7-9pm, £10.

Aberdeenshire workshops - February

The next Aberdeenshire workshops with Caroline are this weekend, 15-17th February. The Weapons session is at Fetternear Hall, all other workshops are at Balvack. Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons
Saturday 1-4pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 5:30-8:30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 1-4pm: Long Form
Sunday 5.30-8.30pm: Advanced Studies and Dance

The price is £18 (concessions £12) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other question.

Dates for all the 2019 workshops are available here.

09 February 2019

121s next week

I am really looking forward to coming up to Aberdeenshire and seeing everyone. If anyone would like a 121, let me know.

05 February 2019

Be like a tree
Let the dead leaves drop


04 February 2019

Weapons this week

Weapons practice continues at Mark's Tuesday class as usual this week, with me taking Long Form revision at the other end of the hall. See you there.

Bring USB sticks for me for any video or other resources you may need for study.

31 January 2019

Next Hampton Court Short Form Class

11th February, 7-9pm. £10.

Heartwork this Sunday

At the HC studio, 2-5pm, £20, all welcome.