16 August 2019

October travel

Train tickets for travel to London and elsewhere after the Aberdeenshire Autumn workshop are now on sale e.g. LNER

12 August 2019

Turriff class, Autumn term details

The new term at Turriff will start on Monday 16th September at the Baden Powell Community Hall.

The Short Form class is 6:45-8:15pm and is open to total beginners. So if you'd like to try something new and relaxing why not come along and see if T'ai Chi is for you? The standard price is £50 for 6 weeks. Concession or weekly prices are available on request.

The Long Form class continues until 8:45pm for a small additional cost. If you have previous Long Form experience and would like to join the class, please get in touch to discuss.

The term will run until 16th December with a break 14th & 21st October for the tattie holidays.

11 August 2019


Just wishing all the Great River and T'ai Chi Centre students a peaceful and joyful summer. I will be back here before term resumes. For now, get yourself sorted for coming along to the Autumn 3 Day Workshop. Get in touch by email if you need any assistance.

08 August 2019

Aberdeenshire Autumn Workshops

Caroline's next visit to Aberdeenshire is on 6-8th September. The weekend will follow the usual workshop format. We'll also be going on our annual fungi foray on Monday 9th. Let Caroline or me know if you'd like to come along.

The October workshop is the annual 3 day intensive with Mark at Fetternear Hall 12-14th October, with a session on the evening of the 11th for those studying weapons. The summer workshop in Kingston was interesting and deep work but technique-light, so I'd really encourage any of the Aberdeenshire students, past or present, regardless of level of experience, to come along on the Saturday afternoon to share this great teaching with a group of other lovely people. Then stay for as many sessions as you can...
All the details are available here, but feel free to contact me if you need any further information or help.

Caroline's remaining workshops of 2019 are 8-10th November and 6-8th December. 2020 dates will be scheduled around Oct/Nov time so please let Caroline know if there are weekends you would prefer her to avoid if possible.

Thursdays at Monymusk until October

Thursday sessions at Monymusk restart this week 6:30-9:30pm as usual. The price for 10 weeks is £30 or £5/£3.50 if paying weekly

8  Aug   Marie      main hall
15 Aug  Paolo     main hall
22 Aug  Sandy    main hall
29 Aug  Anneke  main hall
5 Sep   Davina
12 Sep  Janet
19 Sep  Marie
26 Sep  Paolo
3 Oct   Sandy
10 Oct  Anneke

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

02 August 2019

October workshop, travel and accommodation

The Autumn workshop in Aberdeenshire with Mark will be held 12th-14th October. More details are on the invites from Caroline, or here on the blog. Trains for travel up to 11th October are now available here. Tickets for the return leg should be available in the next week or so: you can be notified when they're on sale by clicking here.

If anyone needs help with travel plans or arranging accomodation with local students, please get in touch and I'll do what I can to help. Staying in the hall may be possible, but is not recommended - please let me know if you were intending staying there.

29 July 2019

workshop photos

Here's a few more. Have a great Summer.

partner work

mum's famous chocolate covered fruit cake

Kingston teen swan posse

Friday photo, some of the 42 folks who came along during the week.

Simon's amazing 'broken but not broken' horse teaching aid.

27 July 2019

pictures soon, and a typo

Tomorrow I will load all the pics form the workshop, but today I have been resting after we cleaned the hall and returned the keys. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and to those who stayed there and kept it so lovely for us all.

I just noticed a typo on the calendars which implies I am teaching in Scotland in August. I am not! Sorry for the mistake.

Hope travel went well for those who headed home today. Rest well, keep rotating!

26 July 2019

Last day of the intensive

Rain at last, so a much cooler last day of the workshop. Looking forward to seeing everyone today after surviving the heat yesterday.

Help clearing the venue between 10.30am and 12 noon on Saturday would be appreciated. Tonight after class, please take home any food and drink you brought that has not been used up. If drivers could also make sure to take bags of rubbish and / or recycling, that would be an immense help, as there is no facility for this at the venue.

This year all the veg waste has come back daily to my compost heap, which is now full of watermelon and banana skins. Thank you!

25 July 2019

Tooting class

Crossing Hands

the view from the studio

Well done to the Tooting Lido class who have got 1/3 of the way through the Short Form! We will resume classes first week of September, after the August break. Stay cool!

Hot T'ai Chi!

As usual, the workshop is during a very hot week, but the hall is cooler than my boat, so I am happy to be there. Here's a few pics so far. We are there today and tomorrow, do join us, even if you can only pop in for a session or two. Great work and vibe from everyone, thankyou!

lots of partner work


Short Form on the riverfront

push hands and talu at dusk

very serious people

23 July 2019

Workshop news

The intensive is full of lovely people, and I want to say thanks to all who are helping with the kitchen and cleaning. Pics soon. It's going to be very hot the next few days, so stay cool as possible, drink lots, rest when needed, dress lightly. I shall see if we can open the skylights today.