01 October 2014

Hackney Class Tonight

Hi all, we are next door at the Church Rooms 7-9pm (no tea! Ta'i Chi straight thru'...) tonight. See you there.

29 September 2014

Free Taster Sessions in Inverurie

Please pass on this flyer to anyone who may be interested.

24 September 2014

Hackney next week

On 1st October class will be 7-9pm only next door in The Church Rooms as our usual hall is booked for a meeting. Please come along for our shorter intense session! Back to normal the week after that. 


Just got these great white oak T'ai Chi swords from Nine Circles, (ninecircles.co.uk) as an alternative to the plain but very nice ones some of the Scots use. They are solidly made and nicely weighted, and arrived very swiftly. I happy to recommend them to students.

Coming soon to Inverurie!

A new Short Form class suitable for beginners is planned to start in Inverurie on 27th October. Ahead of that there will be free (!) taster sessions on Monday 6th and Wednesday 8th.  More details soon...
In the meantime if you want more information, please contact me by email or call 07540 351742.

22 September 2014

More bush craft

I just had a wonderful day course with www.wilderness-survival.co.uk doing their 'Deer in  a Day' field butchery. Since then I have been eating the best venison of my life and working on the fallow deer hide I saved with tools I made from flint in the summer at The Blade workshop. I have untold respect for our ancestors and the effort and skill it took to feed and cloth themselves before you could click 'add to cart' or even pop down the shops. I make a lot of crafts, but this is really physical work. Today I will finish preparing the hide and put it in a bath of bark tea to begin the tanning process. I will be going on four courses with Wilderness Survival next year and I highly recommend them. Their woods are near Salisbury, so it's easier for me to get to than with the other great guys at Woodsmoke, though I am sure I will see them again soon too. There are great photos of the Deer Day here. Being outdoors as much as possible is the antidote to a lifetime spent indoors up until my mid thirties, doing great stuff like art, music, recording, reading and T'ai Chi, but nevertheless still being inside most of the time. To counteract this, these days I try to get out and make things as much as possible. I also get to do T'ai Chi outdoors much more now, which is a joy.
Items made from hide by Wilderness survival guys - note 'prim-tech man' action man kneeling with bow at the top left.

20 September 2014

Muckers Gig - Tonight

Next year Summer workshop

We just heard that sadly we are not able to go back to the Sea Scout Hut at Petersham next year as the rebuilding will have begun, and the place will be a building site. From Monday I will start to research another riverside venue. It will either be another Sea Scout or boating type venue (there are several in this area, close by public transport), a large boat moored somewhere lovely, or back to Constables boatyard, where we were in 2011 and 2012. The dates will be in July, but we are not sure which week yet. I will keep you all posted.

19 September 2014

Wooden swords

Three wooden swords are missing since the Summer workshop, belonging to Mark, Duncan and Gabriele. If anyone has found a spare one, please let me know. I shall also be placing and order for a couple of wooden swords next week. Let me know if you need one.

18 September 2014


For fans of colour and textiles, there's still time to catch the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery. If you can't make it, then you can see a large number of the exhibits in this video.

Venue for tonight

A reminder that tonight's Long Form and weapons session is at Millbank Hall as Monymusk is being used as a polling station.

17 September 2014


Thanks to David for covering Hackney class at short notice tonight. I shall be back next week.

Fruity Union

Scottish rowans and English quinces will fuse to make a jelly tomorrow to eat with venison at the weekend for a meal with friends. Being 1/4 Scots, having lived in Aberdeenshire for 6 years and still travelling there most months to see my wonderful friends and students, I shall be sad if the Union is dissolved. However, I wish all of you a peaceful polling day, and feel that those who live in a country should decide how it's run. The famous 'Westminster elite' mean as little to this fruit foraging Dorset girl as they do to any Highlander. Which ever way the vote goes, I shall continue to come north and teach as long as I am wanted, even if that means changing my Euros at the border!

16 September 2014

Dates for your diary

T'ai Chi Centre Dates
Sabre and sword sessions: weeks of 16/09, 07/10, 04/11, 02/12.
Final Sunday workshop of 2014: Staff 2-5pm 26/10.
Aberdeenshire workshop all welcome 11-13/10, see previous posts or het in touch for details. 
No London TCC classes 14 and 16/10 due to Aberdeenshire workshop. GR class will run in Hackney. 
Last class of term 18/12.
Term resumes 06/01/15.

Fetternear Hall fundraising

As many of you know we've been using Fetternear Hall for workshops for a number of years now. The committee have done a great job of improving the facilities but they require significant funding to carry out repairs to the roof.  I've received this email from the committee chairman.  If you'd like to add your support, voting closes on 10th October.

"Everyone in Scotland knows there is an important vote taking place this week...but you may not have realised there is another valuable cause that you can vote for and that is  through the Bank of Scotland Community Fund!  Fetternear Hall is on the shortlist to receive a much needed funding boost from Bank of Scotland, but how much we are fortunate enough to receive depends on how many votes we get.

It would mean so much to the Hall Committee and all the users of our building if you could do some clicking on the link below and vote for our cause to help provide a sustainable future for Fetternear's village hall.


15 September 2014

October workshop

If there are any Scottish students who could put up a visiting Swedish student for the workshop, please do get in touch with me. Thanks.