27 January 2020

Finding your flow

An interesting episode of Life Cycle on Radio Scotland today, encouraging people to do less... Available to listen again here for a month.

21 January 2020

London class news, Aberdeenshire and calendars

London Classes with Mark have resumed this week. We go through until Easter. Holiday dates TBC. I will post all the workshop dates on this blog in February.

Thanks to all for a great weekend, Wishing Alistair a speedy recovery too. There are a couple of nice pics form the weekend and I will add them on Thursday when I empty my phone.

Sorry for the duplicate picture in March and August in the calendar this year. I will print the one that was meant to be there and hand it round soon :)

Thought it was all checked and perfect, but print websites move in mysterious ways. Never mind, it's a lovely photo anyway, and as someone said this weekend, they'll have forgotten the march one by August...

If anyone in London wants to meet up and do staff partnerwork with me, get in touch. I have room here.

Sound Event

Lee Berwick from Tuesday class in London has an event coming up.

'its called 'The Space Below'

its a collaboration between me and an artist named Emma Critchley 

Its in Greenwich Foot tunnel from the 7th to the 13th March 11am to 6 or 7 daily 

Its a sound installation with aprox 40 speakers made entirely from underwater recordings and it will somehow explore the fact that anthropogenic underwater noise is a massive problem that is causing untold problems for underwater life all around the globe...

There will be an opening probably on the 6th but undecided as yet.'

13 January 2020

Aberdeenshire January workshops

The first workshops of 2020 with Caroline in Aberdeenshire are this weekend, 17-19th January. All sessions, except weapons, are at Balvack.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons, Fetternear Hall - entry via the "front" door not the kitchen
Saturday and Sunday sessions are 1-4pm & 5:30-8:30pm.

The price is £20 (concessions £12) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other question.

12 January 2020

Calendars on the way

Pax is the cover star of this year's calendar, which Mark and I have just spent time designing and ordering. We have also followed requests for more Pax and nature pictures, and we think it looks great. All those who ordered them should get them this week. Flu caused a brief delay in ordering, but we have used express delivery so they should arrive on Tuesday in time for classes and for taking up to Scotland. Prices are noticeable dearer for so many things this year, and the calendars have also gone up in price for the first time in a long time, they are £7 for the desk size and £12 for the wall calendars. I have ordered one extra of each just in case...

10 January 2020

Turriff class term dates

The new term at Turriff starts next Monday, 13th January at the Baden Powell Community Hall.

The Short Form class is 6:45-8:15pm and the standard price is £50 for 6 weeks. Concession or weekly prices are available on request. The Long Form class continues until 8:45pm for a small additional cost.

The class is not currently open to beginners. If you have previous T'ai Chi experience and would like to join or re-join the class to study Short Form or Long Form, please get in touch with me to discuss suitability. email davina [at] greatrivertaichi [dot] co [dot] uk

The term will run until 29th June with a break on 6th & 13th April for the Easter holidays. There will also be no class on 4th May.

News and Aberdeenshire workshops next weekend

I am really looking forward to seeing you all next weekend and have been working with Mark on some great work to share. I have booked all my tickets north up until March and am just about to order the calendars for the year. Let me know if you have not yet told me you want one, small or large. I will get a few spares just in case. This year there will be more pictures of Pax and of nature, as requested...

Our local lime trees full of mistletoe,
for your enjoyment.

Public Aberdeenshire T'ai Chi classes

08 January 2020

Thursdays at Monymusk

Here's the rota for Thursday sessions at Monymusk. As usual we'll be in the Small Hall 6:30-8:45pm and Large Hall 8:45-9:30pm except where listed. The price is £30 for 10 weeks or £5/£3.50 per week.

9-Jan     Sandy   6:30-9:30 (small hall)
16-Jan   Anneke
23-Jan   Davina
30-Jan   Marie
6-Feb    Janet
13-Feb  Paolo     8-10 only (small hall)
20-Feb  Sandy
27-Feb  Anneke     8-10 only (small hall)
5-Mar    Davina
12-Mar  Marie

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

07 January 2020

Classes resume tomorrow

Tooting Lido T'ai Chi class resumes tomorrow, Wednesday 8th January, 9-10am. All are welcome.

Mark's classes resume next week on Tuesday 15th January, at Trinity Church Hall, Tooting, 6.30-10.30pm. A new beginner's session will start in February. Get in touch with me if you are interested.

We have both been ill for almost the entire holiday period, due to a flu virus. Apologies for the delay in the calendar, which I will order tonight, and also for not posting here while ill. So many great winter plans had to be shelved. Hey ho, that's life.

I am looking forward to seeing students and colleagues in Tooting soon, as well as everyone up in Aberdeenshire in just over a week. Happy New year to you all.

121s are available in Scotland.

17 December 2019

Calendar and email delays

As I have come down with horrible flu, the calendars and emails that are due are delayed, apologies. So far I have been indoors 3 days, and don't want to spread this around. Rosemary is covering my class tomorrow and I cannot get to the last Tuesday class tonight as I would rather spread my good wishes than my germs.

I will attend to things when I am recovered. Best Yule wishes to all.

12 December 2019


If you'd like a 202 T'ai Chi Centre calendar then let me know by Monday 16th December, and I will put the order in, thanks!

Confirmed dates for Aberdeenshire study 2020 plus Mark's workshops

2020 - Fri-Sun as usual, Friday dates given below.

Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 20 (New change, please check if this suits)
April off, (I just can't make the dates work with Easter and Ireland teaching commitments with Sharon Blackie, so am having late March and early May workshops instead.)
May 8
June 26
July Summer workshop in Kingston 24-31
August off as usual
Sept 4
October 4 day Fetternear workshop with Mark 9-13th / 14th, then 121s
Nov 6
Dec 11

11 December 2019

Thursday sessions at Monymusk

There is no Thursday session this week as the hall is being used as a polling station. Next week, 19th December, is the last session of the year and we're in the small hall 6:30-9:30pm as the bowlers will be in the main hall.
We'll restart in the New Year on 9th January which is also a bowling night, so we'll be in the small hall again and then back to the usual rooms on the 16th.