12 December 2019


If you'd like a 202 T'ai Chi Centre calendar then let me know by Monday 16th December, and I will put the order in, thanks!

Confirmed dates for Aberdeenshire study 2020 plus Mark's workshops

2020 - Fri-Sun as usual, Friday dates given below.

Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 20 (New change, please check if this suits)
April off, (I just can't make the dates work with Easter and Ireland teaching commitments with Sharon Blackie, so am having late March and early May workshops instead.)
May 8
June 26
July Summer workshop in Kingston 24-31
August off as usual
Sept 4
October 4 day Fetternear workshop with Mark 9-13th / 14th, then 121s
Nov 6
Dec 11

11 December 2019

Thursday sessions at Monymusk

There is no Thursday session this week as the hall is being used as a polling station. Next week, 19th December, is the last session of the year and we're in the small hall 6:30-9:30pm as the bowlers will be in the main hall.
We'll restart in the New Year on 9th January which is also a bowling night, so we'll be in the small hall again and then back to the usual rooms on the 16th.

05 December 2019

Beautiful pots by Rosemary

Yesterday I bought two beautiful bowls from Rosemary van Miert (who used to be a Thursday night regular, and many years ago taught Mark Short Form). You may have had the pleasure of pushing hands with her before now. She makes stunning pots, bowls and gorgeous mugs and cups too. Her studio is in South London and she can be found at www.instagram.com/rosemarypots I have ordered a larger bowl in this style for a dear one.

Maybe you need some Christmas goods that are actually good. Message me if you want her other contact details.


Mark's last classes of term:
Tuesday 17th December, returning 14th January
Wednesday 18th December, return TBC
Thursday 12th December, returning 16th January

Heartwork session 2-5pm this Sunday 8th at Hampton Court.

Caro's workshops all weekend in Aberdeenshire, sessions as usual format. Revised sessions from January, we'll discuss this over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Tooting classes with Caro: last class of term Wednesday 18th, returning 8th January.

Beginners class with Mark in Tooting is planned for February, as well as a Sabre class for new weapons students, more details in the New Year.

04 December 2019

Aberdeenshire workshops this weekend

The final workshops of 2019 with Caroline in Aberdeenshire are this weekend, 6-8th December. The Weapons session is at Fetternear Hall, all other workshops are at Balvack. Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions.

Please bring all weapons on Friday and note that due to the refurbishment of the hall entry will be through the main "front" door, not the kitchen.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons
Saturday 1-4pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 5:30-8:30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 1-4pm: Long Form
Sunday 5.30-8.30pm: Advanced Studies and Dance

The price is £18 (concessions £12) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other question.

25 November 2019

Hillbilly Sutra

A great friend sent me this podcast and I very rarely listen to them, let alone click on links I have been sent. But it's two hours of the best, most succinct, funny, realisation that I have ever heard. Don't judge the host, the accents, the format, (I did, and then I laughed at my judgements and carried on anyway) if you can manage it, just listen, enjoy, laugh. Wei wu wei.

21 November 2019

A cheery wave

I have been posting here very little the last two months as family and work commitments have been intense. Today while I work I am listening to a BBC Radio 3 program recommended to me recently that T'ai Chi colleagues may find interesting, in a thread that you might like to explore, (I know some of you do already).
The Three Second Rule

A good program, yet still dispiriting how much people refer to themselves as machines, with programming, wiring, and so on. A hall of mirrors... with ego at the centre... but worth knowing about, so that we can offer and inhabit a creature-like resistance, an embodied response, a connected way in the world.

The common frequency of waves on the shore, 0.3hz, the same rate as the electrical activity of the relaxed brain. The pulse of the Short Form, when it feels just right?

Superb quote near the end of the piece, from the artist who made the program, Susan Aldworth: 'That idea of Descartes that the body and the soul were two separate things - I think he was profoundly wrong.'

Yes! So do I... So does Iain McGilchrist, so do most indigenous and traditional peoples... Yet the dichotomous view of 'haunted meat' (a great Charlie Brooker quote) is what is trashing the world today. How would we live if we knew that our embodied animal selves were not our 'inadequate vehicle' but instead our true means to great connection? The laying waste of the planet is the result of the hubris of joy-denying, left-hemisphere dominant people, forming a way of life that separates body and brain, people from other people, creatures and life-forms from each other, and puts the needs of the worst part of humans at the centre of the story.

What would it be to sit on the shore of our own lives, inner and outer, to watch the waves of our thoughts, feelings and desires come and go. To notice their rate, their quality. their roughness or timbre? The colour of the foam, the texture of the shingle. Sometimes there will be sharks, at other times turtles. Maybe it is full of waving fronds of kelp, or tickle by cormorant wings. I am not fighting the natural rate of my life-waves any more, or indeed its tides. Perhaps I would like the storms not to return, but that's just a preference, not a demand. And look, there're shells...


I am working on softness, left side form, some weapons ideas.
Greetings from the river.

Classes in London with both myself and Mark continue until 18th December.
Aberdeenshire workshop will continue as planned, more info next week.

07 November 2019


Freshly home from Sweden. Thanks to all the students new and old who came along to the sessions. Excited to be starting new Sabre and Long Form classes as well as partnerwork introduction for the Short Form group. Photos later when I have downloaded them from my phone.

30 October 2019


Thanks to Kevin who is taking my Tooting morning class this week as I still have a spluttery cold which I do not wish to spread. And also ext week, when I am away teaching in Sweden.


Joan has two pieces in this excellent-looking show coming up in London.
All are welcome to come along.

29 October 2019

No November workshops in Aberdeenshire

Caroline has had to cancel the workshops planned for 8-10th November. Next sessions in Aberdeenshire are scheduled for 6-8th December.

27 October 2019

Turriff class

The Turriff class restarts 6:45pm Monday 28th at the Baden Powell community hall.