25 February 2020

Heart felt thanks

Here's to all my Aberdeenshire students for their wonderful work this weekend, their why-not? attitude and great food too. I was really impressed with everyone who busked along with things beyond their clearance grade. We send our love to Alistair for a speedy recovery. Photos in the next few days.

I appreciate so much the support from you all for my 6 month sabbatical. I shall be resting, not working any evenings, and reducing my travel as soon as fixed commitments are over, by mid April. I'll be studying Left Side intricacies with Mark and look forward to sharing all my research and development with you in September. Our Wenesday fortnightly advanced study group is the focus of my T'ai Chi life at the moment, and I am gratfeul for the excellent folks I get to train with. Mark will be teaching in Aberdeenshire in May, on my planned dates. I hope you all have a great weekend.

In September I also hope to bring some staff partnerwork Mark and I will be working on. For those who are free, Taichi Caledonia looks good this year, and if anyone is planning on going, let me know, so I can let our dear friend Master Sam Masich know, and give an introduction. Sam will be teaching Sword with partnerwork, which would be worth attending. There is much else to enjoy.

My weekly Wednesday morning T'ai Chi at the Lido sessions are continuing throughout my sabbatical, seeing as I am already in Tooting each Tuesday night to study and assist.

In a couple of weeks I will produce invites for the Summer and Autumn workshops with Mark. It will be his 15th year and so we plan a few nice extra features... The dates are already here on the blog, just scroll down or search 'workshops'. Do feel free to get in touch with T'ai Chi colleagues who no longer come along, due to pressures of life or moving. If they are free on the first Saturday of the Summer Intensive, they will be so welcome. We will be inviting old friends and colleagues, guests and students to come for a day of simple form, sticking, push hands and salutations. More soon.

Warmest greetings to all Great River students past and present, from the River Thames. 

Shorter Thursday session at Monymusk

As the bowlers are in the main hall, the Thursday session this week at Monymusk will be in the small hall from 8-10pm.

Heartwork session this weekend at Hampton Court

1st March, 2-5pm, at the studio, all GR and TCC students welcome, usual price and arrangements.

24 February 2020

No Turriff class tonight

Due to the wintry weather I've cancelled tonight's class.

21 February 2020

Changes to this weekend's schedule

Due to unforeseen circumstances the schedule for this weekend's workshops has changed. We will now meet up 1-5pm Saturday and Sunday only, followed by a shared meal each day. Please get in touch with me if you need any more information.

18 February 2020

Dates for 2020 at the T'ai Chi Centre - Easter hols added

Here's all the dates for this year's events. All the great River only dates with Caroline are on a separate post.  I have not been posting much here due to weight of work and having another delightful cold. I love not driving, but much time on public transport means if I've just missed one cold germ then another one will be along in 5 minutes...

The last Tuesday class of this term will be 24th March. Holiday dates for class break for Easter in London are 31st March, 7th and 14th April, when there will be no Tuesday classes. These weeks there will also be no Weds or Thurs classes with Mark. Classes resume 21st April.

The 15th Annual Summer Intensive runs from 25-31st July 2020, with optional partnerwork on evening of Friday 24th. Same venue, details and arrangements as last 3 years. Price tbc in coming days. All are welcome on the Saturday, even if you've only been studying a year or so. We hope to contact many old T'ai Chi friends and colleagues so that they can join us for a 15yr celebratory day of basic practice, with plenty of tea and cake too. If you have old T'ai Chi pals you haven't seen for a while, do let them know they'll be very welcome for some Short Form, sticking and more. Details soon. I organise the logistics for this course, so any questions feel free to get in touch.

October Workshop will be 4 day this year rather than 3, by popular request. 10-13th October 2020, with optional weapons session eve of Friday 9th. Mark will stay on to teach 3 days of 121s in Scotland for those who want them. Davina organises things for this course, so if you have any local questions get in touch with her. Also - huge thanks to Davina for over a decade of seamless Aberdeenshire admin for both Mark and myself.

There will be no London classes with Mark during these two workshop weeks, but Wednesday morning Tooting classes with Caroline will not be affected.

121 classes are available with Mark any time at his studio near Hampton Court.

Great River tutors in London and Aberdeenshire are available to give one-off T'ai Chi sessions for organisations, get in touch if you'd like to know more. We also run regular classes in Gothenburg, and run workshops in Sweden in March and November.

17 February 2020

February workshops, Aberdeenshire

Update 21-Feb: See new post with revised schedule

This month's workshops with Caroline in Aberdeenshire are this weekend, 21-23rd February. All sessions, except weapons, are at Balvack.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons, Fetternear Hall - entry via the "front" door.
Saturday and Sunday sessions are 1-4pm & 5:30-8:30pm.

The price is £20 (concessions £12) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday.

15 February 2020

Tooting Wednesday morning classes, term dates

Tooting class, 9-10am each Wednesday continues until Easter break. There will be no class on 8th and 15th April. We return on 22nd April and continue until the end of July.
We will take the whole of the month of August off, with no classes. We return on 2nd September and continue through until the Christmas break.


13 February 2020

pushing hands

Asked by a beginner what pushing hands should feel like...

We could mind the push as much as a birch minds the breeze.

But I did also say it might take a while for it to feel that way.

Repost - Confirmed dates for Aberdeenshire study 2020 plus Mark's workshops

2020 - Fri-Sun as usual, Friday dates given below. Reposted.
Changes will post here if there are any.

An anonymous person made a comment on the workshops post below saying were there no Aberdeenshire workshops. I don't publish anonymous comments, and also all the Aberdeenshire news, posts and dates are always available, in chronological order, going back about a decade, by typing 'Aberdeenshire' into the search box.

Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 20
no sessions April
May 8
June 26
July Summer workshop in Kingston 24-31
August off as usual
Sept 4
October 4 day Fetternear 4 day workshop with Mark 9-13th / 14th, then 121s
Nov 6
Dec 11

10 February 2020

Turriff tonight

Turriff class is on tonight at the usual time and place. If the weather worsens and it's unsafe to travel, please stay at home.

Shorter Monymusk session this week

As the bowlers are in the main hall, the Thursday session this week at Monymusk will be in the small hall from 8-10pm.

Some recent pictures

It's been a while since I have made time to sort photos for here, apologies. A new phone which doesn't like speaking to my laptop has made it a bit more difficult, but crossed fingers, that's solved. So here are a few nice shots from January. 

4 waist turn single pushing hands at Mark's Tuesday class, 
Charles and Richard practising 'bees knees'.

Wednesday morning beginners class at 
Tooting Bec Lido Pavilion, sticking practice. 

New crew joined old hands for the Dance. Congratulations on the long Form group 
on starting this wonderful aspect of T'ai Chi study, first posture already looking good. 

I got out during the last non-gale force winds moment of sunshine for a bit of staff practice. 
Oversized woolly hat is essential, obviously. 

27 January 2020

Finding your flow

An interesting episode of Life Cycle on Radio Scotland today, encouraging people to do less... Available to listen again here for a month.

21 January 2020

London class news, Aberdeenshire and calendars

London Classes with Mark have resumed this week. We go through until Easter. Holiday dates TBC. I will post all the workshop dates on this blog in February.

Thanks to all for a great weekend, Wishing Alistair a speedy recovery too. There are a couple of nice pics form the weekend and I will add them on Thursday when I empty my phone.

Sorry for the duplicate picture in March and August in the calendar this year. I will print the one that was meant to be there and hand it round soon :)

Thought it was all checked and perfect, but print websites move in mysterious ways. Never mind, it's a lovely photo anyway, and as someone said this weekend, they'll have forgotten the march one by August...

If anyone in London wants to meet up and do staff partnerwork with me, get in touch. I have room here.

Sound Event

Lee Berwick from Tuesday class in London has an event coming up.

'its called 'The Space Below'

its a collaboration between me and an artist named Emma Critchley 

Its in Greenwich Foot tunnel from the 7th to the 13th March 11am to 6 or 7 daily 

Its a sound installation with aprox 40 speakers made entirely from underwater recordings and it will somehow explore the fact that anthropogenic underwater noise is a massive problem that is causing untold problems for underwater life all around the globe...

There will be an opening probably on the 6th but undecided as yet.'