27 November 2014

T'ai Chi Centre Class Dates

Mark's classes end on 18th December, his classes resume Tuesday 13th January 2015, which will be a new payment term start date for all students.

Beginner's and regular student fees will harmonise as class lengths are now the same: £18 per week drop in (concession by arrangement), Termly fees are cheaper: £90 / £66 concs for 6 weeks.

There will be no Sword or Sabre classes in January, they will resume 3rd and 5th January.

Fional Sword and Sabre of 2014 are next week, 2nd and 4th December.

Hackney class 3rd December

...will be next door to usual venue at the Church Rooms, Powerscroft Rd, our usual stand-by venue, 6.30-8.30pm, no break. See you then.

After that there are two more weeks back to normal at HRC 6-10pm, and we return in the new Year on 6th January.

24 November 2014

Hackney class changes next few weeks

We have just been told that there will be a wedding reception this Wednesday night at the Round Chapel. The office thought they had already told us, but they had not. Luckily my friend's place is still free and lovely to do T'ai Chi in. Call or email me for the address, it is where we were last time over a month ago. So please come along from 6-10pm (all timings and tea as usual, but no weapons). This week's class will cost £5 concs or £10 regular, as I am sorry we will be disrupted again. Nearest travel Camden road Overground, 274, 253 and 254 bus stop 'Murray St'. My phone will be on if you need any directions.

The following week we will be at the Church rooms next door to the HRC as planned due to the beer festival. Class will run straight through from 6.30-8.30pm, only, due to their higher costs.
Class is back to normal on 10th and 17th December, then we break for Xmas and New Year. We will return on January 7th, and there are no further planned changes so far for 2015.
Thanks for your energy and understanding. I am now well again!
Caro x

23 November 2014

Wild food

Here's a story from today's BBC website about wild food featuring my friend Fergus Drennan, who is an excellent wild food and forging expert. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-30015052

21 November 2014

Music gigs for your delectation

Here at Great River we don't just purvey T'ai Chi and delicious home made food (oh, and tassels): we also have designs on your social life.

Chris Jackson from Thursday class and Isleworth class has a great band called Bad Things, who have a residency each quarter (Yule, Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain) at The Jolly Gardeners, 88 Lower Richmond Rd, SW14 7EX. The next gig will be at 8pm Sat 20th December, all are welcome. I plan to be there. Expect music by The Stones, BB King, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, etc. Come to this one to celebrate Yule!

Karen Grace has gigs on two dates and a new video, details below:

'On a more bursting-out-and-plunging-in note, my music video for Deep Down Things is finally up for your joy and delight :) I want to thank Jon Coutts who directed and edited it. He also mastered the special effects world in order to bring this gem into being which was no small feat (...unlike my feet, which are small). He's a genius, and I had so much fun making this with him. Here is the video:

Deep Down Things Video - Enjoy and share :)
And see my Facebook page for some lush photos from the video.

So, gigs:

Monday 1st December is the awesome award winning poet Amy McAllister's book launch, where I will be performing. This is a book launch with a twist, doubling up as a silly singles night (couple's welcome). There's other acts and lots of tomfoolery dished out by the highly entertaining Amy McAllister - sure to be an unforgettable night.

Date: 1st December
Time: 7.30
Venue: Star of Kings, N1 OAX

See Amy's website here: http://amymcallisterpoetry.wordpress.com
Get your tickets here: tickets for 1st December

Wednesday 3rd December I will be back at the beautiful Old Queen's Head in Islington.'

19 November 2014

Hackney tonight cancellation

Huge apologies, but I must cancel class this week as my cold has gone down into my chest and has become much worse. Sadly David cannot cover the session this time. Class will resume as normal next week. 

Shorter session this Thursday

A reminder that we're in the Small Hall at Monymusk from 8-10pm only this week as the bowlers are in the main hall. All dates for Thursday sessions to the end of the year are available here.

17 November 2014

Great news!

Just got home from a lively weekend of T'ai Chi in Aberdeenshire, thanks to all who came and made it so lovely. On returning I found out we can now confirm the excellent venue and finalised dates for next year's summer intensive: Leander Sea Scout Hut, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 5BB, 25-31 July 2015. Free indoor camping at the venue will be available and showers are provided. More details and information to follow this week, but I am now having a well earned evening off! 

13 November 2014

Beginner's Tai Chi in Hackney

For prospective students:

We don't have a specific beginners class starting or running in Hackney right now. The best idea is for new folks to pop along one Wednesday night and busk along with the class until 7pm, and see if it's for you. If you enjoy it, you can book a few 121 sessions with Carmen, my assistant, who lives locally. Then you can join in the classes which run 6pm-8pm each week. We share traditional jasmine tea at 8pm.

Alternatively Carmen is an excellent T'ai Chi instructor for those who prefer to learn mainly 121.

In case your work takes you to South London, it is worth knowing that my teacher Master Mark Raudva, has excellent beginners classes near Tooting Bec tube on Wednesdays, 6.30-8.30pm.

I look forward to meeting you at class. Come along any week, wear warm loose clothing and trainers, or similar.

11 November 2014

Thoughts from the dark river

Greetings and love to Marie who has injured her wrist - we send love and hope it heals soon and well.

The night is peaceful apart from the Egyptian geese who squawk at each other at the weir.

I am away from Mark's Tuesday class again with a cold. I want to be well to teach tomorrow and go to class Thursday, as well as teach all weekend. So I am reluctantly absent again. However, I am resting, so that's good, right?

The Heathrow flight path changes make all our lives hell here when the wind is Easterly. They have the hubris to put up a huge hoarding here at the station explaining how the new runway at Heathrow will benefit the whole UK. Is that benefit as in make us all into exhausted sleep-deprived stress-suffering zombies? May have to do an ad hack soon.

I discovered The Dark Mountain after reading a review of The Wake which I had almost bought last month on impulse due to the beautiful cover (yes, beauty could make an impulse book-buyer of me too), but I had a train to catch, and so I walked on. I have now ordered the book from Wordery, and may well subscribe to the Dark Mountain books too. I didn't realise quite a few other people felt similarly to how I did about 'nature' (as supposedly opposed to 'culture'), the 'environment', 'progress' and other mass hallucinations. Along these lines also read: Le Guin's 'Always Coming Home', and 'The Word for World is Forest', as well as Hoban's  'Ridley Walker', and Beatty's 'Pollard'.

Last night a DJ saved my life: Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich have added so much to my life this last 2 years since I discovered their show and subsequently their podcasts. A recent gem: In The Dust Of Our Planet - go listen.

This week's visual offerings:
Top left of the hill - a white chalk horse. Made my heart sing on the train west.

If only it were that easy.

This giant, late, bulbous football sized beauty is in the ash pile right now.

Family White, late last night.

Back from outer space

Well, not really, but it feels that way. I have been busy relaunching my boat after having her up the slipway for almost 2 months and living here and there. I finally feel able to engage with the internet again. I have been doing lots of leg work and email writing to get a replacement venue for our summer event. In the next few days I hope to be able to announce a wonderful riverside venue for next year's 10th Annual T'ai Chi Intensive, but I must wait until it is totally finalised, so watch this space.

So as not to have too bumpy a 're-entry' into normal life, and whilst down with a cold, I have been treating myself to some quality time with SF books and films, so  I went to see 'Interstellar' at an IMAX cinema - a really good spectacle, but utterly delusional, of course. I also saw 'Two Years At Sea' on DVD last night which was a delight, featuring Jake Williams of Rhynie.

I am really looking forward to this weekend's workshops in Aberdeenshire and have lots of great things to show and share.

09 November 2014

Aberdeenshire Workshops 14-16th November

This month's Aberdeenshire workshops with Caroline are this coming weekend. All workshops are at Balvack, except for Weapons which is at Fetternear Hall. Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions.

Friday 7-10pm: Weapons
Saturday 2-5pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 6.30-9.30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 2-5pm: Long Form, Heartwork, One Posture
Sunday 6.30-9.30pm: Dance, etc.

The price is £15 (concs available) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other questions.

The final workshops of 2014 will be on 12-14th December. Dates for the 2015 Aberdeenshire workshops are available here.

29 October 2014

Hackney class

...is back at the Round Chapel Tonight.