10 January 2018

Wassail pilgrimage

Oak galls. We wassailed the tree then everyone filled my pockets with ink making treasure.

Packing away at the end of the day.

Watercolours of natural pigments.

Drinking ale from the wassail bowl of white maple.

Wickham Common, Roman Rd.
Pilgrim with her staff, 1 min.

Will, and spring fed pond, painted with water from the pond and natural pigments. 2mins.

Next Plaistow class

The next Plaistow class will be on Friday 26th January 7-9pm, £10. All who have completed Short Form are welcome to attend. Get in touch if you'd like to come along.

Taichi Sessions at The V&A in London

I will be teaching another 3 Beginners T'ai Chi sessions at the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum, in Kensington on Saturday mornings of 24th March, 16th June and 20th October 2018. These include a special tour with a guide afterwards, entry all day to the museum, and tea or coffee in the café after the tour. It's a great programme, as you get to see the museum when it is empty, and to move around the vast spaces when they are quiet and peaceful. Anyone of Mark's or my students who would like to come and assist me on those days is very welcome. You'll get in to the V&A for free for the day, and I will buy you coffee and cake! We cover sticking, a few warm ups and Five Element Chi Gung. We also demonstrate the Short Form up to Crossing Hands. If you are interested, let me know, and let friends know who might like to come along. Details are on the V&A website, I will post a link as soon as I get one.

Aberdeenshire class flyer

Here's the updated flyer listing the current classes running in Aberdeenshire. (Click on the image below to get a larger version). The new Kingswells class will start next Tuesday, 16th January.


The calendars just arrived, I will bring them to Scotland this weekend and they will be at classes from tomorrow.

Psychoyogi in South London

07 January 2018

January Workshops, Aberdeenshire

The first workshops of 2018 with Caroline are next weekend, 12-14th January.

The Weapons session is at Fetternear Hall at 6:30pm, all other workshops are at Balvack. Great River students of any level are particularly welcome to the Saturday sessions.

Friday 6:30-9:30pm: Weapons, including Sabre for beginners 6:30-7:30  (£5).
Saturday 1-4pm: Short Form, and related study
Saturday 5.30-8.30pm: Partnerwork
Sunday 1-4pm: Long Form
Sunday 5.30-8.30pm: Advanced Studies and Dance

The price is £18 (concessions £12) per 3 hr session. Please bring food to share on Saturday and Sunday. Get in touch with your instructor if you need travel directions or feel free to contact me with any other questions.

The confirmed dates for this year's Aberdeenshire workshops are available here.

06 January 2018

Aberdeenshire Thursdays

Here's the rota for the next block of Thursday sessions. As usual we'll be in the Small Hall 7-9pm and Large Hall 9-10pm at Monymusk except where stated. The price is £30 for 10 weeks or £5/week (£3.50 for shorter sessions).
Updated: shorter session now 8th Feb not 1st

11-Jan     Janet        Main Hall 7-10pm
18-Jan     Marie   
25-Jan     Paolo
1-Feb      Sandy
8-Feb      Scott        8-10 only, Small Hall
15-Feb    Davina   
22-Feb    Janet        Small Hall 7-10pm
1-Mar     Marie
8-Mar     Paolo        8-10 only, Small Hall
15-Mar   Scott

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.

05 January 2018

New term at Turriff

The new term at Turriff will start on Monday 8th January at the Gateway Centre. The class is open to total beginners, and returners will also be very welcome.
The Short Form class runs from 6:30-8pm. The price is £10/week or £50 for 6 weeks if you pay in advance. Concession prices are available.
For Long Form students, the class will continue until 8:30pm. The standard price is £12 (£60 for 6 weeks).

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need any further information.

Aberdeenshire Workshops 2018

Here's a reminder of the  dates of this year's workshops with Caroline in Aberdeenshire.

12-14 January
9-11 February
9-11 March
13-15 April
1-3 June
6-8 July
14-16 September
9-11 November
7-9 December

The October Intensive with Mark at Fetternear will be 13-15 October with a weapons session on Friday 12th.

121 Aberdeenshire

There is a space available for a 121 on the Saturday morning if anyone would like a 121. Let me know.

London Classes

Classes with Mark resume next week on 9th and 11th at the usual times and venues, with weapons study included. See you there.

03 January 2018


Freedom and kindness must be made fresh everyday, as much as love and attention. There are no once and for all fixes, despite everyone's desperate desire for that. It is the sacred work, like the washing up. You do it, and then after the next meal it has to be done again.

02 January 2018

Sunday workshops in London 2018

Here are the dates for 2018, topics to be finalised: Sword, Sabre, Dance, so far.
2-5pm, St Mary Magdalene Hall, as usual.
18th March
29th April
27th May
24th June
23rd September.
We may also hold some outdoor session here by the river, weather permitting.

01 January 2018

Dreaming practice

To celebrate New Year and the full moon shining brightly in the sky, after a day of put-off tasks at last accomplished and small jobs finally done, I am rereading almost 10 years of my dream diaries. Most of my students and many of my friends and colleagues know of my practice, and a dozen or so of them have learned my method and use it, with great benefit, I hear. The waking practice of T'ai Chi / Heart Work / meditation / Tao is complemented by the sleeping practice of the dream work, and in many ways they are the same thing, although this is hard to explain, if you are not a student... In July 2018 I will have completed a decade of this work, and plan to see if anyone wants to learn it formally. I now have the body of experience behind me with both my own material and that of many others, which gives me confidence to share this. I expect I will write more about it over the coming months, but here is a 'heads up'.

I have been writing down some of the method these last few months, and also collating much of what was learned and discovered. If you are interested in studying this, or want to ask me about it, get in touch, especially if you have already begun, and would like to assist me develop the teaching method. It is not 'dream interpretation', although that is a part of it, and even this does not follow a formula or dictionary, so is completely relevant to the dreamer rather than following some extant orthodoxy. It is a method of transformation akin to T'ai Chi, and requires correct attention, openness, a sense of wonder and much rigour. It is the opposite of indulgence and leads to self-knowledge, surely, but also to yielding, acceptance and much greater creativity. If you already easily remember your dreams, you could begin with little difficulty. If you do not yet remember your dreams and wish too, then ask to be shown how. It is a method for working with intent, and as such has much in common with martial arts, magic, or love.

Here's a line from the notebooks that seems apt.
'A path is trodden every day; that's what makes it a path. One can of course wander off in a new direction every day, but that doesn't make a path, that's wandering.'

There is a deservedly famous book I have read called 'The Artist's Way'.
Yes, very good, but now let's have 'The Wayist's Art'.
Happy New Year.

Into the woods and beyond

Happy New Year all!
I hope 2018 brings nature, love and friendship into your lives. Oh yeah and obviously, lots and lots of T'ai Chi!

Over the next few days I will post a few links here to things I have loved over the last year, things I am hoping to do, and general Very Good Things. There have been many, in a sometimes challenging year past...

I have just been in touch with my excellent bushcraft teacher Joe O'Leary, and have noticed he has revamped his website. If I get any spare cash, I will be there again asap. I cannot recommend his courses enough, what I have learned there has become part of my everyday skills, and also contributes to my art and craft, whether for myself or teaching others.

And this weekend I will be joining the British Pilgrimage Trust walking and drawing on a one day Wassail pilgrimage. Toasting strangers and apple trees with drink and old songs, walking with good company on old paths, and ending up in a pub. What more could a Dorset woman wish for New Year? I'll share some drawings I make next week. Maybe I will forage some materials on the route, I hope so. there should be flint, chalk, oak galls and willow bark at least.

Next good thing...
The Unthanks, oh yeah! I am late to this party but they are superb. Particularly Mount The Air, the best thing I heard all year. Also, The Bairns.

29 December 2017

Hannover Push Hands Meet

For those of you interested in fixed feet pushing hands, and finding out what not stepping does to people, might be interested in going to this. I went one year, it was very interesting, and wrote a report for Taichi magazine. Some great people go, and the workshops can be fun. The push hands is very different...


The calendars are finally ordered and will arrive before term starts. Desk ones will cost £5 and Wall ones are £10. Happy New Year!

23 December 2017

Drawings and courses

I have updated my website with lots of new pictures and news, so if you have a cup of tea, have a look at it. Feel free to pass details on to anyone who might like a look...
Works in progress for DM12 Sanctum

22 December 2017


I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Winter Solstice yesterday. I spent the day with great pals, gathered mistletoe, and gave much thanks for friendship and love.