07 November 2019


Freshly home from Sweden. Thanks to all the students new and old who came along to the sessions. Excited to be starting new Sabre and Long Form classes as well as partnerwork introduction for the Short Form group. Photos later when I have downloaded them from my phone.

Proposed dates for Aberdeenshire study 2020 - new amendment

I have had to adjust one more date in March from 27th to 20th so that I can fit in with Swedish dates too. Still looking nicely spaced through the months.

2020 - Fri-Sun as usual, Friday dates given below.

Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 20 (New change, please check if this suits)
April off, (I just can't make the dates work with Easter and Ireland teaching commitments with Sharon Blackie, so am having late March and early May workshops instead.)
May 8
June 26
July Summer workshop in Kingston 24-31
August off as usual
Sept 4
October 3 day workshop with Mark 9-12 or 13th / 14th if you'd like a longer workshop, please get in touch and let me know, then 121s
Nov 6
Dec 11

Hope that all works out, drop me a line.

30 October 2019


Thanks to Kevin who is taking my Tooting morning class this week as I still have a spluttery cold which I do not wish to spread. And also ext week, when I am away teaching in Sweden.


Joan has two pieces in this excellent-looking show coming up in London.
All are welcome to come along.

29 October 2019

No November workshops in Aberdeenshire

Caroline has had to cancel the workshops planned for 8-10th November. Next sessions in Aberdeenshire are scheduled for 6-8th December.

27 October 2019

Turriff class

The Turriff class restarts 6:45pm Monday 28th at the Baden Powell community hall.

24 October 2019

Swedish sessions next week

On Friday evening on 1st November I will be teaching an introduction to T'ai Chi pushing hands in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you'd like to come along, drop an email to caroline at greatrivertaichi dot co uk
On the Saturday and Sunday sessions with the regulars and guests, we will be doing more advanced pushing hands, spiral rotations and Long Form. Looking forward to seeing the crew.

After that I will be heading to west to teach Wild Inks at A School Called Home.

See you soon.

23 October 2019

New beginners session in London

Mark will be starting off a new beginners group in Tooting from 1st week February 2020. It will start at 6,30pm prompt and last 1 1/4 hrs. Please call me on 07732 659104 to register your interest, or email caroline at greatrivertaichi dot co dot uk , as I will be arranging the dates and letting folks know.

Long Form and Dance study will not be affected, and will take place at their normal times. Weapons will continue, with space for people to begin sabre who have not yet done it, likewise with sword.

If you would like to join his class then get in touch with me, even if you have before, as for data protection law compliance reasons, we do not keep your details.

October Workshop

Thanks to all who came to the workshop, and to Mark for teaching us. We were blessed with the weather too. More photos once sorted...

22 October 2019

Classes, glass jars and acorns

Classes resume tonight with Mark. I am on a train from Scotland, so won't be there, but I will be at Holly Road tomorrow. Thursday class resumes at the Hampton Court studio this week too.

Randomly unrelated: most folk know I am a keen forager and maker of things. Thanks to all who have been saving me clean dried or frozen avocado skins and stones and worn-out coloured T-shirts, I still need these. I currently don't need glass jars, but if you find any acorns on your walks this month, and can be bothered, please bring them to class for me. A handful or a bagful are all welcome. I shall not divulge the (legal and wholesome, I promise) use yet!

20 October 2019

No Turriff class this week

Just a reminder there is no class at Turriff this week, 21st October. We'll restart the term on Monday 28th 6:45-8:15pm for Short Form students, continuing to 8:45pm for Long Form. Classes will run until 16th December.

18 October 2019

London classes with Mark

Classes resume next week on Tuesday 22nd October and continue until the Christmas break. Mark has been away teaching in Aberdeenshire for the 14th Annual workshop and for 121s.

If you have any queries or questions about private matters, syllabus, or other points or issues you'd like to raise, then let us know as soon as you are able, rather than leaving it a long time. This is just a reminder to say that whatever the matter, both Mark and myself are available to regular students of The T'ai Chi Centre and Great River T'ai Chi by phone or in person. I can also be reached by text and email.

Wishing you a good weekend, Caro.

16 October 2019

Thursdays at Monymusk

Here's the revised rota for Thursday sessions until the end of the year. As usual we'll be in the Small Hall 6:30-8:45pm and Large Hall 8:45-9:30pm at Monymusk except where listed. The price is £30 for 10 weeks or £5/£3.50 per week.

17-Oct  Davina   main hall
24-Oct  Janet     main hall
31-Oct Sandy
07-Nov Paolo     8-10 only (small hall) 
14-Nov Marie
21-Nov Anneke
28-Nov Janet
05-Dec Davina
12-Dec Marie   8-10 only (small hall) - CANCELLED
19-Dec Paolo   6:30-9:30 (small hall)

If you can't make the session that you're due to lead then please contact someone on the list to arrange a swap.