06 October 2020

London and online classes

I am back from the woods and looking forward to seeing folks at Mark's class tonight.

Tuesday class continues in Tooting, 7-9pm, with social distancing measures. Feel free to wear a mask too if you prefer. Hand gel is available and we have plenty of room to stay apart yet work together. It's really been great sticking together in our movements as a group. Sure, it doesn't make up for not being able to push hands and touch, but still it's great to outreach and work together like this. Class costs £15 / £10 concs.

Thursday class at Hampton Court 7-9.30pm is available but needs booking by phone or text in advance. If three people book the class can run. Get in touch with Mark to book it. Class costs £15.

121s are always available in person or on Skype with Mark. Cost by arrangement. 

The Wednesday morning Zoom Short Form class is open to all my or Mark's students. Just get in touch and I will send you the link by email and Whatsapp. The class is uploaded onto our Dropbox afterwards, so it can be used later. Either live or recorded, the weekly classes cost £5. I have just uploaded a lesson which includes warm-ups, chi kung set, 5 elements, front heart salutation and a full short form, File is called 'Zoom Short Form Lesson 2020 09 30'. There is minimal speaking and no teaching, so you may well find it a nice relaxing change! It is perfect for use as guided timing for an hour of solo or group short form level practice. If you download it for use with others, please let me know, as our videos are only for use within the schools.

Get in touch if you have any requests of this for Mark or myself to record. Thanks for your continued study, contributions for our teaching, and all round goodwill. See you soon. 

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