07 October 2020

121s with Caro

Folks have asked if they can have 121s so that they can get on with their Short Form, or advanced things they are working on. I am not able to do lessons in-person where I live at the moment, but I am happy to do sessions via Skype or Zoom. If there's something you'd like to look at or ask, just get in touch. I am also happy to do short 1/2 hr sessions, working on one main thing, so that you don't have to endure too much screen time, but can get the detail to help you on what you are working on, whether a posture, a quality, some principle, or whatever. Get in touch. It'll be £10 per 1/2hr. 

I thought it would take me longer to get settled and ready to do this, but it seems a week in the woods works magic on me. It always does, not sure I should be so surprised! Pics soon. 

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