14 October 2020

New lessons up on Dropbox and Tooting news

Today's Zoom lesson has everything done with the rear view, as though you were at class with me at the front, by request. Hope this is helpful. I have labelled rear view and today's date for ease of finding. 

Outdoor session yesterday was postponed by heavy rain, and I am away for the next two weeks. Two student shave offered their large back gardens which have side access, for us to have sessions on a Tuesday afternoon, when I am in Tooting anyway. So I will arrange this soon and plan provisionally to begin on 3rd November. More on that soon. 

If you are using the weekly Zoom class recordings, they are £5 each, whether live or recorded, as these are weekly ongoing classes with much prep by me re changing topics, progressing skills, new postures taught and questions answered. All our other resources are free to use / by discretionary contribution. Janet has asked for Mark and I to record a much slower film of the dance partnerwork, and solo parts. We will do that soon. Get in touch with other requests.

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