08 April 2020

Zoom short form class - join or watch later

Thanks to all who came to the first Zoom class. We'll be back every week during lockdown until the lido classes can resume again. Joining, payment and other details are in the box to the right.
The class was recorded, with only a few minor hitches and we'll even out the glitches next week. For now, it is available in the Dropbox to all students so you have have a laugh, join in, and see inside my boat... Plus you can do them at a time that suits you. They will be filed each week in this format: 'Zoom Short Form class 2020 04 08'.

This week I will also record a short form 'class' of this type: warm ups, Front Heart Salutations, Five Elements chi kung and Short Form that would be suitable for anyone to play any time if you just want to put the film on and do the class at a familiar tempo, without thinking, 'what should I do next?' It will just be me, with minimal instructions, as a study aid to quiet practice. I will do the forms facing away from the screen, as though you were standing in class and looking at me from behind. This seemed useful to the students this morning, more so than me mirroring the form.

Then I plan a similar one for Long Form, with figure eight warm ups, all the Heartwork, then finishing with a Long Form. These will all be available as videos on the Dropbox and I will post here when they are up.

Have a great afternoon.

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