14 April 2020

Next Short Form Zoom class is Wednesday 15th April 9-10am

All regular students of any level are welcome to attend this class, which is the online version of the Tooting Lido morning class. We do warm ups, five elements chi kung, front heart salutations and short form, as the partnerwork is currently off the menu...

The link will be to the right of this page in the dedicated box by 8.30am. Just turn up to the meeting and put your box on audio mute with the video on. We take regular breaks to unmute and have questions, etc. There is also time at the end to hang out and chat. Cost is £5, details in the box. If you have lost your income then any amount you feel you can afford is fine. I will record the session.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to Mark and myself for the video resources, by the way. We both really appreciate it. We will film a new version of the Front heart Salutation this week, and try to have something new for you from him each week. He is also doing 12s via Zoom, Skype or phone and video. Get in touch if you want one.

There are more chi kung resources each day at www.instagram.com/greatrivertaichi this week we will finish the Five Elements and then start the T'ai Chi warm up set one move each day. This is a free resource available for all, to help with the isolation. Feel free to share it with friends or family.

I do hope you are all doing OK. Love from the river, Caro and Mark.

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