28 April 2020

Online short form classes will continue indefinitely

Hello, hope this week sees you all well and thriving, even under the unusual circumstances. Tomorrow's short form class will run as usual from 9-10am, and all past and present students of Mark's or mine are welcome, as are any students of students, so feel free to pass this info on. The live class runs via Zoom, and the details and password are posted at about 8.40am each Wednesday morning in the box to the right of this post.

Speaking to some of my over 70s students after class last week, I heard that some are going to need to self-isolate beyond any summer relaxing of lockdown restrictions, and so would not be able to return to Tooting Lido class even when it could restart. So I have decided to commit to an online short form class for the foreseeable future, so that no one goes without the chance to practice and learn T'ai Chi. For now, we'll continue in the Wednesday morning slot, and if and when the Tooting class resumes, we will find another suitable time and day of the week. At that point I will also keep the in-person and online classes in sync, as regards what postures we are looking at, for instance, so that folks can easily move between the two formats, or indeed do both, depending on their isolation requirements. I hope this will give you a little continuity and community. Live classes cost £5 (concs available).

I make recordings of each class and put it on the Dropbox each week, these may be useful to get a practice going, or if you miss a class. If you use these, I would hugely appreciate a £2-£5  contribution, for the time and work involved. These are interesting times for Mark and myself regarding livelihood, as everything we both do (T'ai Chi, art teaching, music...)  requires us to be in close contact with people in rooms. Thanks so much to those who are continuing to pay term fees, making one-off contributions for resources, or who are attending classes online or 121s. We are glad you are still practising.

I am not currently taking new students, but depending on how UK life proceeds, a beginners online class may occur. We shall see. Long term advanced students are encouraged to book a 121 Skype session with Mark, which are proving to be helpful, as well as very funny as Mark says he still sometimes speaks to the screen as though it's a long distance call in the 1970s...

Best wishes and love to all. Feel free to get in touch. I will post some lovely nature photos soon, as swans, trees and plants take up much of my time, these days.

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