06 April 2020

Wednesday morning Zoom Short Form class begins this week!

I have just set up my laptop again and will from this Wednesday be teaching the usual Tooting Lido class lesson via Zoom. I will also record the session so people can use it later. I will not post the link publicly on as apparently random folks are gate-crashing zoom meetings... So just go to this blog on Wednesday mornings and it will have the new link by 8.30am each week, probably in a sidebar to the right made especially for the purpose. The lessons will be an hour, but we can hang out afterwards with tea and have questions and comments, request, etc, as we do at the lido. 

I don't do an email list or WhatsApp group, as it would add to my admin list no end, so just come here every day or so to get all info, updates, links and news. Any queries, just email.

If you haven't already seen it, all the resources we have for your study can be downloaded from my Dropbox, email me for the link at caroline at greatrivertaichi dot co dot uk. Please only use it for private study, and do not share it with anyone else, or post it on the web. 

I now post free Chi Kung and meditation online daily, to help folks deal with their self-isolation. All our Chi Kung is there, some you may not have seen yet. Five Elements will go up this week, followed by the warm up set, day by day. I hope you will enjoy it. www.instagram.com/greatrivertaichi When I have collated it all at the end of April, I will make a new folder of the files on the Dropbox. For now you can stream them anytime on the Instagram.

Please feel free to share this info with anyone else you know from Great River or The T'ai Chi Centre classes who you think may have missed this info. The plan is for all the students arrive and put their video on mute, and I will do regular unmute questions pauses after each segment, like in class 🙂 I am sure the first session may be a bit chaotic / empty / whatever, but that's fine, I will be there doing T'ai Chi in my boat, anyway, which is all good. This first one will definitely be free. Thereafter, if it is a goer, maybe folks could contribute by Paypal to carolineross@hotmail.co.uk, £5 waged or whatever folks can afford, including for free, for those severely impoverished during this time. 

Best wishes to you all from the river. Please feel free to email and questions, requests and messages. 
Caro x

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