03 September 2020

Great news, Mark's classes will resume this September

Mark's classes at Trinity Large Church Hall, Tooting will resume on Tuesday 22nd September at 7pm. All students from whatever class are welcome and Covid-19 compliant procedures will be in place, with hand gel, and new guidelines re the toilets and tea break. I am currently assembling a risk assessment for the hall, but as badminton and other face to face groups are meeting in the halls, we were invited to return. I will post face covering guidelines here once Mark has decided on details. As the hall is large and well ventilated, social distancing is completely possible. We shall have another good reason to practice our sticking to each other at a distance.

At first, the September sessions will be 7-9pm, as Mark wishes to ease himself back into teaching after his recovery. There will be no partner work in these sessions, just group 'solo' practice: Warm ups, Heartwork, Forms, etc.

In October classes will run from 7-10pm, and hopefully from November or early December we will return to 6.30-10.30pm. I will post revised class prices as soon as I have them. Weapons study will resume as soon as Mark feels able to teach it.

If you are able to come along for the first class on 22nd September at 7pm we would be so glad to see you. It has been a difficult time for many, and the weekly dose of friendly faces and T'ai Chi together has been sorely missed by all. Mark is really looking forward to seeing everyone and I do hope you can join us. We may not be able to hug each other hello yet, but we can at least spend some quality time in each other's company. 

Best wishes to you all. Get in touch with any queries.

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