26 August 2020

Classes this autumn with Mark and Caroline

Mark is waiting to hear back from Trinity Church to see if classes can go ahead on a Tuesday night in Tooting again, and under what protocols. We should know very soon and will post here as soon as possible. 

121s with Mark resume next week and you can book one by calling and texting him direct. If you don't have his number, just drop me a line at caroline at greatrivertaichi dot co dot uk and I will send it to you. Small groups are also possible in Mark's T'ai Chi studio, which is easily kept clean and is not used by anyone else. If you are already meeting up with a couple of T'ai Chi friends, and would like to book a session for up to three of you to study together here, that's totally possible. Just get in touch. 

I will be moving home next week, so for the foreseeable will not be teaching 121s. The Tooting Lido Pavilion class is sadly still not resuming, as the space apparently does not meet the correct ventilation requirements (bizzare, as its huge doors and windows literally open onto the poolside). The space is currently being used for storage and pool staff so they can have socially distanced breaks. Perhaps after the public swimming season ends, and only SLSC members can use it, fewer staff will be present at one time and the venue can resume its movement classes and kids' events. I hope so. It was a lovely short form class. 

Meanwhile I will start teaching this class online again starting next Wednesday 2nd September 9-10am, as planned. All students of Mark and mine are welcome to join in this hour-long class comprising warmups, chi kung, Short Form and questions. We look at a new posture each week or two. We are at Golden Rooster stands on one Leg. The class costs £5 and is also available afterwards on the Dropbox for those who cannot attend at 9am. I hang out online for 15 mins afterwards for those who have any questions or who would like to catch up and chat. I can't tell you what room will be the background yet, but wifi gods allowing, it could be my new boat...

Aberdeenshire classes are subject to different rules, and the instructors will post here when they have details. Very best wishes to all who read this. Mark is doing really well and is almost completely recovered. Thanks for all the good wishes. Caro.

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