17 June 2020

Today's Zoom class

Thanks to all who came to the class today, so nice to see all your faces now that the link is available easily. If you would like to join us, just email or text me to join the weekly link Whatsapp or email group. Promise it's 100% spam free! Class is £5 per week and the recording is available to all regular students on the Dropbox, get in touch for details. If you don't have my personal details, use
info at great river taichi dot co dot uk
and I will get back to you. 

The lessons are 1 hour and we are covering new postures now, just looking at Golden Rooster. 
Best wishes to all, see you next week. 

Also, all the warm ups, chi kung and Five Elements, plus several meditations are now up at www.instagram.com/greatrivertaichi for free, for all, for as long as the platform exists. Each clip is 1 minute long, with a few exceptions, and simple instructions for all the moves are given for folks who have never done T''ai Chi. You can use the Instagram app on your phone or tablet, but by using the web address above, you can access them without the need for a smartphone. It was something to offer for lockdown, for those feeling isolated and unable to get exercise, but it has become a decent little course and archive, (not only of my changing hair and gardening outfits). Enjoy. 

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