14 June 2020

News 14/06/2020

Or rather, no news...
Please bear with us for another week or so before we make any announcements regarding the summer workshop. As some of you may know, Mark is injured, so his recovery is our main concern. The English guidelines re Covid are hardly clear, and although the event may be possible, it will take some discussions with Mark that he is not able to have right now. Quarantine guidelines mean no one flying to England from abroad would be able to attend without staying an extra 14 days first... Yet different rules apply elsewhere in UK. Frankly, it's a mess and I do not claim to understand it. If you do, feel free to send me an email!

Thank you for being patient. If the summer Intensive does not run this year, then we will have an all-singing all dancing October workshop, which had already been lengthened to 4 days by request. Perhaps it may be extended more, if people wanted it and the venue were free. I have not yet looked into it as everything is so provisional. Will there be a second wave of Covid-19 at that time? I will put news here as soon as I have it, but due to hospital plans and trebled life admin taking all my time now, it won't be sooner than next weekend. 

I also have to sell my home and move elsewhere by 2nd September due to circumstances beyond my control which I cannot mention here. I will still be teaching the short form class on Zoom each week and will do that from whatever place I find myself. All T'ai Chi family are welcome and it would be lovely to see any faces. I have work and great support, so please don't worry about me. My loved-ones, friends, neighbours, family and nature are always at the heart of my life, and in times like this, their love and reciprocity sustain me.

People have been asking what they can do to help. Drop Mark a line by text or Whatsapp if you like. But phone calls and emails are not his thing right now. All Mark's livelihood disappeared in March and will not return for the foreseeable future. I imagine September will be the earliest classes can possibly resume, July if he is well enough. You can book and pay for a 121 in your diary with him in advance if you like, either in person or by Skype. Folks said those sessions are great too, although you have to make your own tea! We both appreciate all your messages, support of many kinds, and kindness. The best thing is to keep practising and come back to class as soon as we are able to run them. 

I have a hour's daily work online for a great woodlands company, the weekly Zoom short form class,as well as other things lined up. And unlike the airlines, banks and big companies, I did have a contingency plan in place, as well as food in store, and the skills and networks I needed to get through difficulty. 'Deal with things when they're small' being a central Taoist tenet, I am attempting to crack on with that now. Forgive tardy or shortish responses to email or calls for a while from me. I was going to write to you, the T'ai Chi family, about all this for the last two weeks, but I haven't found the right words. So instead, here's this, for the ones who read this, and I trust the gentle web of shared practice and friendship that is The T'ai Chi Centre and Great River T'ai Chi can disseminate this info as it sees fit. Anyway, it'll be an excuse for some lovely phonecalls and texts between people, so that makes me happy. 

Right, gotta go now. Time to sell a boat and buy another one this afternoon. Wish me luck. 

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