13 May 2020

Zoom class details will show here in regular post too from next week

Folks who access the web on their phones can't always see the side bar on this blog, as Blogger does not seem to format well for phones, though I have just spent an hour attempting to rectify this, hence the graphic theme change. From next week I will always make a fresh post with the class link details, and then remove it afterwards and replace it with the new upload details. Hope this helps. 

From 8.40am each Wednesday during lockdown, from 8th April 2020, a post will display the link for the 9-10am Short Form session that would normally take place at Tooting Lido. These sessions are open to all who already study with me or Mark Raudva, or our students. Sessions are available to play afterwards as I upload them to the Dropbox created for students. Get in touch if you need the link for that, as it is not publicly posted.

See you next week on 20th May from 8.45am for a 9am start.

Sessions cost a flat rate of £5 for waged / folks with income. If you have had your income slashed by Covid-19, then please pay what you feel, even if that's only £1. Payments can be made to me via Paypal to carolineross at hotmail dot com. Please put reference 'Zoom class + your name', thanks.

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