13 May 2020

Today's lesson is now on Dropbox

Thanks to all who came along for the Zoom lesson today, it was great fun. We looked in more details at Wave Hands In Clouds. The video is uploading right now and will be on the school's Dropbox by 1pm. If you can't access Dropbox, just send me an email and I can send links to any files you need, including all the lessons so far. 

We both appreciate all your messages, emails and calls. It was nice to hear of the Aberdeenshire / Sweden Zoom meet up last weekend. I hope you all had a good session. 

I just did a morning practice outside by the boat after the class (and another cup of tea...) It was a first for me being watched for a whole short form by a pair of swans (Naughty Hinkleponkle and Landy). They seemed not at all bothered, but neither were they impressed, which is as it should be. As they'd been such peaceful onlookers, I rewarded them with Scottish rolled oats for breakfast, which they love, and are good for them. We basically have the same breakfast, but I prefer mine in a bowl rather than on the slipway. 

No definite news re the Summer workshop yet, until we know what the government says for the summer, we are leaving it open. The Scouts don't know either, so for now, although we know it might have to be cancelled due to ongoing social distancing measures, we will not yet make a final announcement. If it is cancelled, I hope to plan at least a weekend of outdoor T'ai Chi near here, where all the correct protocols can be easily followed. All we can say is, watch this space.

Much love and best wishes to all. Caro.

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