16 March 2020

videos of forms, online teaching, etc.

Well, so many of you have asked for more video resources and online teaching that I have decided to do it, despite my well-known camera aversion! I think we actually have some great films shot in Sweden over the last year, at least of short form, so I will have a look at my files tonight. I generally avoid looking at anything I have filmed, the exact opposite of 'let's pretend to be an expert and put it on Youtube' kind of attitude. I still feel that way, even after 24 years' T'ai Chi, but I have made some good clips for student study aids over the years. I will force myself to sort through them, bear with me!

Then I will speak to my friends who teach various skills online, and see if they can recommend a platform for this. If you already study something online and would like to recommend a method, then feel free to get in touch. I am keen to facilitate ongoing self=practice for all students, at whatever level as both T'ai Chi and Chi Kung / Nei Gong have been proven to improve health and wellbeing in so many ways, in numerous studies.

More soon.

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