23 March 2020

Mark's T'ai Chi teaching aid videos uploading right now

Hi all, we hope you are well and enjoying the fine weather if you are having it. Here, Mark has just checked through every video I have of him, and I am uploading them right now to the Dropbox, having renamed them all consistently. If you find that you have videos are are not in the Dropbox, please let me know, and send them along to me. Perhaps you filmed something once on your phone. Now would be a great time to help me collate everything. Mark is less happy with the Heartwork videos, so from tomorrow these will be the first that we re-film. He says his T'ai Chi has improved since he first did the Salutations. I shall upload the new films as we make them and post news here as soon as they go up.

Karen is hopefully lending me a stand for my phone tomorrow so I can film all the daily Chi Kung bits I have planned, but in the meantime I will go ahead with just putting my phone on a shelf and winging it method that works so well... Mark has also said for you to get in touch with me with specific request for any films, and we will try to make them for you over the coming week. We are doing a bit every day, rather than try to do everything, including teaching online, all at once. Th enew films of Heartwork will be made and uploaded some time this week. The principles of non-doing and not using force apply just as well to our dealings with ourselves as with the wider world. So, we hope this finds you well and rested, and we send our very best wishes to you.

Details of how to make voluntary contributions for past and ongoing work for these resources are available tonight on the Dropbox too, in pdf and Word docs.

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