25 March 2020

Big box of goodies - updated

Dear friends, that's everything uploaded and up to date of every single half-decent video Mark or I have shot these last 15 years. One or two files are ancient and a bit big, check the file sizes of the longer films, Sorry about this, I don't have the time or tech know-how to make them smaller right now. However, there is much to enjoy and use. Colin is making some big files smaller for us and I will put them up soon.

This week I shall attempt to film Mark doing Heartwork in the beautiful sunshine, as he wanted newer versions for you all. By next week I should have Zoom lessons sorted for Mark, and also maybe me doing the Short Form 1 hr session I normally teach in Tooting. These will be recorded so folks can do them at a convenient time. I do not yet know where these will be placed, probably the Dropbox.

I will also be uploading the next Chi Kung to www.instagram.com/greatrivertaichi and feel free to pass it on to friends, elderly relatives, and those convalescing. I am posting everyday, as a community service and as a practice for myself. After I have uploaded all the Chi Kung I practice, I will start with the warm up set, one move each day. It will also feature some meditations, as Tooting students have asked for some of what we have been doing there. These will always be accessible via Instagram, and you do not need an account to see them, just the web address above. I will leave this up indefinitely.

Please email me requests for any particular resources, such as a certain posture, or something shot mirror image, or whatever. Also, if you do not have the latest Dropbox link yet, get in touch, as I won't be posting it online, as it is for our schools members' use only. The new link gives access to all the files, in one big Taichi folder, with no sub folders, as these were causing download problems. But I have labelled things as clearly as I can, so you can peruse the over coffee, or jasmine tea.

Right, gotta go water the seeds in the food garden. More soon. Stay well my dears and do get in touch any time. Mark sends his best and is so happy to hear all the stories of practice, Zoom connecting-hands and old students getting in touch.

This is the oldest picture I have of me doing T'ai Chi, it's 1987 or 1988 at Newbold House in Forres, Moray. Third from left in red top and black trousers, permed hair! Half-decent posture, at least. That's Kajedo in the glowing white trews, with whom I learned Chi Kung and had my first ever go at meditation. Feeling immense gratitude for all my teachers today. 

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