21 January 2020

London class news, Aberdeenshire and calendars

London Classes with Mark have resumed this week. We go through until Easter. Holiday dates TBC. I will post all the workshop dates on this blog in February.

Thanks to all for a great weekend, Wishing Alistair a speedy recovery too. There are a couple of nice pics form the weekend and I will add them on Thursday when I empty my phone.

Sorry for the duplicate picture in March and August in the calendar this year. I will print the one that was meant to be there and hand it round soon :)

Thought it was all checked and perfect, but print websites move in mysterious ways. Never mind, it's a lovely photo anyway, and as someone said this weekend, they'll have forgotten the march one by August...

If anyone in London wants to meet up and do staff partnerwork with me, get in touch. I have room here.

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