10 October 2018

T'ai Chi and nature

Over many years I have found out by doing, that the famous 'correct touch' for T'ai Chi as spoken about in the Classics, and the correct touch for making things with natural materials, are so similar as to be the same thing, just in differing contexts. Both require sensitivity, joined-up-ness and the ability to change moment to moment, rather than imposed fixed ideas upon the situation at hand. The correct mind for T'ai Chi and working with nature are also the same: expanded open awareness, concentration, connection, absorption, and importantly, humility. Ah, the last one will get you anyway, the bop on the nose, the ungainly trip, the bruised pride: as likely in the woods as in the T'ai Chi Class. Also, sudden moments of grace and natural movement, something ineffable glimpsed, a great push, surprising groundedness, an application settling into the body, also common to both realms. I am very lucky to be able to work in both these arenas, and sometimes simultaneously.

Here's a couple of photos from Joe's FB site. He's such a great wilderness skills instructor, go have a look at his site. There's an ever-present theme in my life since I was 5 years old: great teachers. I'll never stop being grateful for that, or aspiring to embody the same range of beneficial qualities in my own teaching.

Atlatl target practice last Thursday morning.

The Hunter Gatherers return to a slap up breakfast.

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