01 January 2018

Into the woods and beyond

Happy New Year all!
I hope 2018 brings nature, love and friendship into your lives. Oh yeah and obviously, lots and lots of T'ai Chi!

Over the next few days I will post a few links here to things I have loved over the last year, things I am hoping to do, and general Very Good Things. There have been many, in a sometimes challenging year past...

I have just been in touch with my excellent bushcraft teacher Joe O'Leary, and have noticed he has revamped his website. If I get any spare cash, I will be there again asap. I cannot recommend his courses enough, what I have learned there has become part of my everyday skills, and also contributes to my art and craft, whether for myself or teaching others.

And this weekend I will be joining the British Pilgrimage Trust walking and drawing on a one day Wassail pilgrimage. Toasting strangers and apple trees with drink and old songs, walking with good company on old paths, and ending up in a pub. What more could a Dorset woman wish for New Year? I'll share some drawings I make next week. Maybe I will forage some materials on the route, I hope so. there should be flint, chalk, oak galls and willow bark at least.

Next good thing...
The Unthanks, oh yeah! I am late to this party but they are superb. Particularly Mount The Air, the best thing I heard all year. Also, The Bairns.

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