15 September 2016

Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication

Alison from the Culter class is keen to set up a group to practice Non-Violent Communication.

NVC is a way of communication that expresses our own needs and encourage others to express theirs too so the compassion works both ways.  It was invented by Marshall Rosenberg but has been taken up by lots of other people since then.

The plan is to have a weekend workshop in Aberdeen with an invited professional trainer then follow up with a regular self-led group probably once a month.  If you're interested, then please let Alison know, or contact me davina [at] greatrivertaichi [dot] co [dot] uk and I'll pass your details on to her.

Update: Marshall Rosenberg was featured on Great Lives on Radio 4 earlier this month. You can listen again here  http://bbc.in/2bMkh7s

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