13 September 2016

Classes at The T'ai Chi Centre in London resume today

Master Mark Raudva returns to teaching in South London today with the first class of term at Trinity Church hall, Trinity Road, Tooting Bec, 6.30-10.30pm. Sabre and Sword WILL be taught tonight, and Short Form instruction will also take place.

New beginners are welcome to join from 20th September at 6.30pm promptly. We will be re-covering the Short Form at greater depth for those who have just almost finished it. New students will be learning the Short Form along with these folks, rather than being in a separate group. There is a huge advantage to learning forms with people around you who already know it to some degree. As you turn and move, there's always someone to see and follow in each direction. So if current students have friends who fancy trying T'ai Chi, ask them along from 20th. New folks will probably be accepted all the way through October, and may need to book a 121 with me or one of the instructors to catch up if they join late, or if they feel it will help their study.

Dance (and Long Form) will be the focus of the session after tea. We will aim to start promptly this term. Please come and pay any term fees at the start of tea break so that I will be available as soon as the register is taken for you to grab me before everyone starts again, if you want to go through things or look at a detail. I am also avaialble if people need catch up sessions from being away on holiday, just let me know.

Thursday class in Streatham will resume this week, 6.30-10.30pm, at DDL Capoeira Centre, all details at www.thetaichicentre.co.uk. Talu session 6.30-8.30pm, all students welcome, including those who haven't come to this before. Sword will be taught after tea break, as well as a Long Form. When it's not a weapons study week, we will cover Long Form, dance questions and other advanced study after the break, continuing on from last term.

Regular classes continue each week this term until we break for Christmas holiday, date TBC. There will be no classes Tuesday 18th or Thursday 20th October as Mark will be teaching in Scotland at the 12th Annual Autumn workshop 15-17th October. So come along to Aberdeenshire instead! All TCC and GR students are most welcome for 3 days of great T'ai Chi, like a mini version of the summer intensive. Local students can put folk up for £5 a night, or there are plenty of hotels and guest houses nearby. Details to follow in a post soon from Davina. There will also be a weapons session on Friday 14th 7-10pm before the workshop, all who have some weapons experience are welcome. all the prices, times and details will follow shortly.

We've just had a great weekend of classes in Aberdeenshire. Yesterday we had our (almost) annual fungi foray which, I am delighted to say, brought baskets full of chanterelles and boletes, pics to follow when I get home.

I hope you all had a bit of a summer break and are looking forward to the coming year of T'ai Chi.

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