22 July 2016

Last bits and pieces

I am just getting the last things together for the workshops and thought of a few things to mention. I'll be meeting the Sea Scout Captain at 4.30pm today, and we should be finished sorting things by 5pm. So if you'd like to pop along to the venue any time after that, it's fine with me, for instance if you are going to be staying there during the week, and want to set up your 'room'. I have no idea yet how much cleaning or clearing I will have to do to  get things ready for T'ai Chi, perhaps none... perhaps 2 hours... If there's little to do I will drink Yorkshire Tea and hang out with whoever arrives.

If you decide any time during the week that you'd like to stay over night after all, that's totally fine, just bring a sleeping bag and roll mat, no charge. There are also showers so bring a towel.

If we are working outside for any of the sessions I will lock the door and put post it notes up to say where we are, either by the river on the wooden pontoon right in front of the venue by the river, or in Canbury Park, 1.5mins  walk upstream. I will have the key with me, so you can get in if needed. Part of our rental agreement is that if the venue is empty it must be locked up.

I am bringing a first aid kit, suncream, teas and a cafetiere, so we should be fine!

We'll be clearing and cleaning the venue after the workshop on Saturday 30th 10am-12 noon, so if you can help please do.

Looking forward to plenty of hugs and uproots, though preferably not at the same time.
Travel well!

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