06 November 2015

A beautiful day at Finzean

Dear T'ai Chi friends, just a quick post before I travel back up to Aberdeenshire to teach today, to let you know that Monday saw Neil Dey's funeral and celebration at Finzean, where he had lived most of his life. I can truly say it was the most beautiful and fitting ceremony or celebration I have ever been to, weddings and birthdays included. What wonderful family, friend and sangha Neil has, and it was an honour to have been there. The following day I had slightly sunburned cheeks from Heartwork and Short Form in the hot sun (17 deg C on a November day - incredible) and sore arms from being whirled around in Strip the Willow and the other Scottish country dances we threw ourselves into. This was not an ordinary funeral, if there is such a thing, it was a joyous reflection of a remarkable man.

I will write a little more next week, including a little about Ossian the bard, but I must pack and leave for the airport very soon.

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