08 May 2015

Spare time?

Over the last month I have seen some fun films and read some excellent books. Here's a selection.

If you haven't read the Taoist classics Vol 1 trans. Thomas Cleary yet, you better get your coat.

John Gray's excellent 'Straw Dogs', 'The Silence of Animals' and 'The Soul of the Marionette' have been a total inspiration and a refuge from the claptrap that passes for much modern discourse on free will, society and 'progress'. Sane, and secretly Taoist...

Ivan Illich 'Tools for Conviviality'. Why was I not taught this at school? If my success is at the expense of everybody else's, then it's not convivial. Why is this simple idea still so radical? Everybody wants to get theirs and sod everyone else, perhaps? So much to consider here, and in his other works, much of it searchable on the web.

Dark Mountain 7 is proving very good. I should really stop reading it and get on with writing something for issue 8.

OK, some vastly differing SF films, good fun but not mind-altering: Good slick fun - Limitless with an under-used DeNiro, Coherence great acting and astoundingly good considering the $50K budget, Ink, unusual, not quite perfect, but Gilliam-esque and certainly worth 1.5 hours of your evening.

Enjoy. Your return recommendations are most welcome.

Ivy, I drew this 25 years ago!

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