18 May 2015

Heartwork, Hackney news and Wilderness Awakening

Heartwork yesterday, thanks to all who came for a lovely session outdoors on the river.
Last week I was away studying bushcraft again and had an intense and fantastic 5 days in the Great Ridge Woods. Thanks to Carmen for looking after the class whilst I was away, and Mark could not get there due to a traffic accident. Hackney classes are back to normal this week, and we will have news in the next 2 days regarding our permanent venue for the future. I will post news as soon as I have it. Again, sorry for any disruption, it will shortly be settled.

Here are some pictures from my week away, have a look here at the course, I cannot recommend Joe's school highly enough. We learned so much, the atmosphere was friendly and convivial, we were constantly being stretched and taken out of our comfort zone... sound familiar?
The last day challenge.

Pheasant and pignut stew with lady's smock dumplings and camp bread cooked at my shelter.

Getting ready to rest after a very hard day of rain, shelter building and fire making.
Below are the shelter stages in reverse...

Oak bark thatch - waterproof, very Hansel and Gretel.


First stick goes up against the fallen tree.
Glorious sunshine until the last day made the Wiltshire woods glow.

Incredible coloured cut wood from the old pilings at Molesey weir, yesterday.

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