05 January 2021

News re classes during lockdown in England

After the England Covid rules were changed last night, and Mark had thoroughly read the govt guidelines, I spoke to Mark about his classes until the end of this new lockdown. Sadly, there will be no classes in Tooting at Trinity Hall until this phase of lockdown ends. 

Online classes resume this week, details are on the previous post. There will not be a replacement Long Form class on Tuesdays, as the Long Form Zoom class on Thursdays is intended to do this. 

A 1 hr Warm ups, chi kung, salutations and Short Form class runs each Wednesday morning with me, live and available recorded.

Left side and Marks's new in depth Short Form Zoom classes will alternate, and begin next week or the week after on Mondays. I am awaiting dates.  

Contact me if you would like the links to these. 

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings, as well as various times in the rest of the week, are free for your 121 and small group Skype lessons with Mark. He encourages you to get together with fellow students from your classes and book a session with him, or to have a 121 when you want, so that your study can continue. I am hoping Mark will film the Left Side soon. We were about to organise a date to do this when the announcement of new lockdown came... more soon. 

On a personal note, I am lucky that a few months before Covid struck UK, I had already been offered long term work, just an hour a day of online work for an excellent nature organisation. This simple life change has meant that along with teaching taichi weekly by Zoom, and being paid for my art and other teaching, that despite all my workshops in UK, Ireland and Sweden being cancelled, I have been able to stay afloat (literally) during incredibly difficult times for both Mark and myself. 

We greatly appreciate the financial contributions for the study aids we have produced and will continue to produce for you. Mark has now lost all his in-person teaching work for what will probably end up being an entire year. I know that Zoom and Skype lessons are far from perfect, compared to the joy of being with others in a room, and pushing hands. However, if you are able to book sessions with Mark, and find them useful for your study, please do so. If T'ai Chi has helped you during difficult times as much as it has me, then know that booking screen sessions with Mark at this time really does help him stay afloat, in turn. My main concerns are making sure our teacher can continue teaching in the future, and can continue to do so in the present strange times. Also, that you can continue your T'ai Chi practice and study, at whatever level, and that it may nourish and sustain you. As always, do get in touch if you have any ideas or queries.

Best wishes to you all. Caro. 

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