10 January 2021

Left Side class via Zoom starts tomorrow

At 7.30pm on Monday 11th January 2021 Mark will start teaching the left Side classes fortnightly online. If you have studied left side with him before, or with me, Verne or John Kells, then you are welcome to come along, get in touch with me for the link. We won't be starting at the beginning, but jumping in where the Aberdeenshire crew have got to, as this class was at their request. A corrected version of the posture list, slightly different from the one on Mark's website, will be emailed to you shortly. However, as we'll be practising the whole form each week, don't worry if you feel a bit rusty, it will come back! Also, the words of the Heart Sutra are appropriate here:

'No attainment, and nothing to attain.'

See you tomorrow.

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