03 January 2021

Classes online resume this week

Just a quick note to say classes with both Mark and myself resume this week online, though in-person classes are still prohibited. I will send out the class invites to those who subscribe by email (and Whatsapp) tomorrow, let me know if you don't get it by Tuesday.

Short Form Zoom class with me each Wednesday 9-10am (also available recorded)

Long Form Zoom class with Mark each Thursday 7.30-9pm

In a week or so's time, Mark will start the Left Side class on a Monday evening 7-8.30pm fortnightly, alternating with a requested Short Form (from the very beginning with applications and full details) class, suitable for all who would like to deepen their knowledge of the form, or who already teach or intend to instruct. I will have a date for these soon. I will ask him to record them, but there is no guarantee! I will send the invitations out to those who have requested them, get in touch to be added to either or both lists. 

Skype 121s are available with Mark all term, starting this week, just call or text him to book. 

Much love to you all. I have been hibernating and craftcrastinating. I highly recommend it! Admin is slowly resuming...

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