10 November 2020

Long Form Zoom class with Mark starts this evening at 7.30pm

I have spent the last few days attempting to email all the students present and recent past, scattered all over the globe, who might feel the benefit of these online classes with Mark. If I have missed you out and you read this, please get in touch at info at greatrivertaichi dot co dot uk.  This week I have sent the Zoom link to everyone. How it will work in future is this, I will send the link out by each Tuesday morning to the students who have attended the weeks before, and add anyone who emails to be added as time goes on. (If you would like us to remove your email from this list at any point, or from our contacts completely, then of course just ask, and we'll do that immediately.) 

All that remains is to clear a space in our schedules and living rooms, and turn up tonight at about 7.25pm. Sadly this time, you'll have to make your own tea, as my multi-location skills are just not up to it yet. 

I am not yet sure if Mark will want to record this first session, but in future all the lessons will be recorded so that you can do them any time. This week has no set cost, but if you want to contribute then get in touch for Mark's bank details. From next week the class will cost £10 per session, whether live or accessed via Dropbox (ask me for the link if you do not yet have it). All the other resources apart from Mark's and my Zoom lesson recordings are always free of charge to our students. We don't post our videos on the web, and ask you to keep them for personal study only. 

If for any reason Zoom or Dropbox do not work well on your devices, or you do not wish to use them, please email me and I can send you individual links, files, or a usb stick full of videos... Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you practice.  

See you later, friends!

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