23 September 2020

Lots of news

Zoom classes are ongoing and are all online, including today's class. Join us on Wednesday mornings or download and use at your own leisure, £5 per session. Get in touch for links. I am recording a special class for next week as I will be in the woods on Wednesday... more details soon.

Students studying online, or stuck at home, if there is a resource you would like me or Mark to record, please get in touch, for instance, a form filmed from behind, a mirror image of something... let me know and I will try to sort that within a fortnight. 

Mark's Tuesday classes resumed last night, 7-9pm at Trinity Church Tooting Large Hall. We had social distancing, hand gel, so much space and room, plus all windows and doors open. Masks were won by whoever wished to do so and we followed all church guidelines, the person responsible for safety at the halls visited us and was happy with the set up. You are very welcome to join us, and classes will continue as long as it is allowed by the church, who check guidelines daily and are responsible for the hall use. Each class is just cash / e-payment on the night £15 / £10, as we do not know if 'terms' will resume for some time. Everyone's safety is our concern, so we fully understand those who do not feel able to come. You are welcome to book a socially distanced 121 with Mark, or a Skype lesson if that appeals. It is also still warm enough to practice outside, so if you'd like to meet up at 2-3m distance in a park to do form, that would be ideal. Mark can also teach outside. (I am still not teaching 121s until the spring.)  

On a personal note, it was just so brilliant to be moving in a room sticking to other people's movements. It was great to see everyone and to smile and laugh together. I missed you all!

Thursday class at Hampton Court will run weekly from tomorrow 7-9.30pm. Contact Mark to book a place. The class will run as long as it is legal and safe to do so. 

We were just about to organise an alternative Aberdeenshire workshop venue when the rules changed yet again yesterday regarding Covid. Mark and Davina will be talking very soon and we will post a definitive message here this week. Sadly we have just heard that the October workshops and 121s have been cancelled due to renewed Covid restrictions. Thanks to Davina for all her hard work on the admin side finding alternatives. Mark will arrange something in Scotland as soon as conditions allow it. 

Thanks to all who have been contributing to Mark and myself during this time, and to those paying for lessons. Banks transfers are best as Mark has had some Paypal issues. get in touch if you need either of our bank details. 

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