01 July 2020

News 1st July

The latest Zoom Short Form class is up on the Dropbox, along with all the other resources. If you have mislaid your link, get in touch. 

The Two books mentioned in class today for beginners were:
'The Essence of T'ai Chi Ch'uan' by Lo / Inn Amacker / Foe. ISBN 0913028630
'T'ai Chi Ch'uan Becoming One With The Tao' by Petra and Toyo Kobayashi. ISBN 0804837643

Amy from the Tooting Lido class is a photographer and has produced lovely Lido cushions which might help with lockdown-induced withdrawal symptoms. Details and link coming soon. Obviously for authentic results at home one should appreciate the cushions while sitting in a cold bath :) Some of the profits will go to the Lido charity. 

Mark is home and recovering well. Thanks to all who have sent best wishes. He will be able to teach 121s again in a fortnight or so.

The Great River T'ai Chi Instagram is now almost complete in terms of the planned resources. All the chi kung, warm ups and meditations are there. I will leave it as-is over the summer and, depending on future lock downs, decide whether to begin demonstrating the Short Form on there in the autumn, as a helpful resource. For now you can go anytime to www.instagram.com/greatrivertaichi

Lastly, my drawings are in the Wilderness Art Collective group show which was due to take place this summer, but which is now online. It is a great show full of artists who also make art like the earth matters. I am so glad to be a part of this organisation. You can enjoy the show 'Wilderness for the Mind' here. My work is in room 4. All the work is for sale, so you can support artists and makers by buying direct. 

If you are involved in any projects, art, theatre, music or otherwise, please let me know so I can post details here. 

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