24 May 2020

Summer workshop update

We have just heard from our usual summer intensive workshop venue the Leander Scout group in Kingston. They are allowed to use the hall for all non-Scout uses, including hiring it to us. For now, we still plan to go ahead with the workshop in the last week of July, and hope that the Covid-19 situation will be such that we can do this. Whatever hygiene, meal time or distancing measures are needed, we will apply. The venue is large, modern and has good hand washing facilities, as well as generally being easy to clean. It may also be wise for us to forego the wonderful buffet style meals for a year, and bring our own packed food for the meal break. With hand gel and washing, and just a couple of people serving teas and hot water rather than our usual amiable crowd in the kitchen, I think it could work fine. I certainly don't mind being tea-lady. Perhaps this is my vocation. If the intensive runs, and people can't travel or attend for shielding reasons, that's totally understandable. But, if circumstances allow, and it is safe to do so, assume that the event will run, even if it is shorter / different from the usual set up. More as soon as I know anything. Mark and I hope you are all well and doing ok. Feel free to get in touch any time. 

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