30 March 2020

Good things come...

Yesterday I posted some more simple Chi Kung instructions on the Great River Instagram, including Standing Pole, Zhan Zhuang, suitable even for those who have never done T'ai Chi or Chi Kung.

Also from today, Mark is offering personalised study aids / lessons to any regular student who would like one. The idea came from some inspired teaching from a dear friend's guitar teacher, now he can't go to students' houses, or have them come to him. First of all email, text or call me, or call Mark directly, to arrange a time to speak on the phone with Mark about your practice and what you are working on. For many who only had a 121 very recently, this will carry on from the last session. After the call, Mark will record a short video lesson, maybe 20 mins or so, on my phone, which gives good quality and file sizes. I can then email the link to you for a private Dropbox folder. When you have worked on it, or have any questions, you can have another phone call with Mark to clarify or expand on things. So a 'lesson' is a couple of calls and a bespoke video. If you would like to give it a go, get in touch. The price is a sliding scale, by personal arrangement, so that everyone who wants to do this, can do so.

I am still attempting to sort Zoom lessons for Short Form, but have needed a rest this last two days, after 3 weeks non-stop.

More soon, I do hope you are well and safe. If there is anything i can do to help, just ask.

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