18 February 2020

Dates for 2020 at the T'ai Chi Centre - Easter hols added

Here's all the dates for this year's events. All the great River only dates with Caroline are on a separate post.  I have not been posting much here due to weight of work and having another delightful cold. I love not driving, but much time on public transport means if I've just missed one cold germ then another one will be along in 5 minutes...

The last Tuesday class of this term will be 24th March. Holiday dates for class break for Easter in London are 31st March, 7th and 14th April, when there will be no Tuesday classes. These weeks there will also be no Weds or Thurs classes with Mark. Classes resume 21st April.

The 15th Annual Summer Intensive runs from 25-31st July 2020, with optional partnerwork on evening of Friday 24th. Same venue, details and arrangements as last 3 years. Price tbc in coming days. All are welcome on the Saturday, even if you've only been studying a year or so. We hope to contact many old T'ai Chi friends and colleagues so that they can join us for a 15yr celebratory day of basic practice, with plenty of tea and cake too. If you have old T'ai Chi pals you haven't seen for a while, do let them know they'll be very welcome for some Short Form, sticking and more. Details soon. I organise the logistics for this course, so any questions feel free to get in touch.

October Workshop will be 4 day this year rather than 3, by popular request. 10-13th October 2020, with optional weapons session eve of Friday 9th. Mark will stay on to teach 3 days of 121s in Scotland for those who want them. Davina organises things for this course, so if you have any local questions get in touch with her. Also - huge thanks to Davina for over a decade of seamless Aberdeenshire admin for both Mark and myself.

There will be no London classes with Mark during these two workshop weeks, but Wednesday morning Tooting classes with Caroline will not be affected.

121 classes are available with Mark any time at his studio near Hampton Court.

Great River tutors in London and Aberdeenshire are available to give one-off T'ai Chi sessions for organisations, get in touch if you'd like to know more. We also run regular classes in Gothenburg, and run workshops in Sweden in March and November.

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