13 February 2020

Repost - Confirmed dates for Aberdeenshire study 2020 plus Mark's workshops

2020 - Fri-Sun as usual, Friday dates given below. Reposted.
Changes will post here if there are any.

An anonymous person made a comment on the workshops post below saying were there no Aberdeenshire workshops. I don't publish anonymous comments, and also all the Aberdeenshire news, posts and dates are always available, in chronological order, going back about a decade, by typing 'Aberdeenshire' into the search box.

Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 20
no sessions April
May 8
June 26
July Summer workshop in Kingston 24-31
August off as usual
Sept 4
October 4 day Fetternear 4 day workshop with Mark 9-13th / 14th, then 121s
Nov 6
Dec 11

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