10 October 2019

Heads up for price changes

Just a quick post to say that for the Aberdeenshire classes the prices will go up slightly from January from £18 per session to £20. The concession and 121 prices remain the same at £12 and £30 respectively. This is due to LNER prices having gone up quite a bit this year. I always travel by train and it costs me at least £190 per trip, including tube and train to and from Kings Cross.

For the Tooting 1 hour Wednesday classes the prices will go up from £5 to £6 for SLSC members and from £8 to £9 for non-members on 1st November. For Mark's regular students who come along, the fee will go up from £2 to £3. Again, transport costs have risen sharply this last year, and the hall fee is substantial.

Hope this gives everyone enough notice. As usual, never let money be a reason you can't come along, I am always happy to provide further concessions for sincere students who are low on funds for some time.

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