16 December 2018


Heart Work with Mark runs today at the HC studio 2-5pm. All welcome.

I am still ill with colds and flu, and have not been able to come to classes, as well as having to cancel some teaching. I have missed seeing everyone as well as missing the T'ai Chi. Hope to be back to class Tuesday evening. I won't be at class today as I am still coughing a great deal. So I will stay in and mend things.

My friend Navjyoat Chhina writes a great blog about home-schooling her kids, and the latest post is about haptic perception. I still haven't written my post on that for here yet. We were both inspired, or rather depressed, by the news last month that surgeons are finding new students don't have the requisite hand-eye coordination needed to study surgery. The cause appears to be that they didn't have hand craft hobbies as kids, but spent time looking at screens. Too many frictionless surfaces are making us de-evolve!

Marks' classes continue next week on Tuesday and Thursday, and resume on 15th and 17th January.

Best wishes to you all, hoping you don't have this bug.

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