31 December 2018

Happy New year to the T'ai Chi family

The bones of winter trees

A two cormorant day, always a good sign.

Happy New Year to all The T'ai Chi Centre and Great River students and friends. I hope 2019 is peaceful and creative for you. I look forward to being totally fit and well again, and seeing folks old an new at classes and workshops in 2019, we have lots of good things planned...

Here's a few more great books to recommend, not new to some of you, but all kept me amused, intrigued or afloat in 2018.
Women Who Run With The Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes
The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony - Roberto Calasso
What It Is - Lynda Barry
Picture This - Lynda Barry
The Power - Naomi Alderman
Collected Poems - Jack Gilbert
The New Menopausal Years - Susun Weed (buy this for all your female friends and relatives over the age of 35, it should be issued automatically)
A Branch From The Lighting Tree - Martin Shaw
China's Green Religion - James Miller
Dark Mountain 13

Music: having returned to music in October 2017, I have been listening to great things, old and new, here's a few to check out if you don't know them. in no particular order, these have been tickling my ears all year...
Portico Quartet, First Aid Kit, Lisa Germano, Bill Callahan (Smog), Wild Oldham (in all his many guises), Arve Henriksen, The Album Leaf, Atoms For Peace, Bon Iver, Sufijan Stevens, Gavin Bryars, Dead Can Dance, Ida, Iron And Wine, James Yorkston, The Unthanks, Sigur Ros.

Films... none of note, and I haven't been to the cinema all year, strangely. 

TV: much good SF - Altered Carbon, The OA, Star Trek Discovery (yes, I know, but it's good!), The ABC Murders, Homecoming.

Good things: Guppyfriend bag now means my washing doesn't shed micro plastics into the marine environment. Get one...
Swans, more swans, cygnets, mandarin ducks....

Landy goes for a dangerous walk. I had to herd him back to the river, stopping the traffic.

But the main highlights of my year have been days spent in nature, time teaching wild materials, drawing and painting more than ever before, doing T'ai Chi outdoors with all you guys, and quiet peaceful time at home on my own or with friends or family. For all this, I am very grateful. More from me in the new Year. Time to drink coffee now...

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