02 December 2018

Good things

Living on the river, and fishing out plastic every day as I walk the bank, marine plastic pollution is very visible. However, much is invisible, and comes from our laundry, every day. There is good research into how we can reduce or stop this at home ourselves, and I have been following this, as have some of my T'ai Chi friends. I have just ordered this Guppyfriend bag, which catches a huge proportion of the synthetic fibres shed in a wash. There are also these Coraballs, which I read about in the BBC news last month, which I have not yet ordered. Have a look. I am also wearing and washing synthetics far less, not buying any more, checking labels very carefully, and moving back over to wool, silk, cotton, linen, natural skins, and so on. Many people despair at how little one can do oneself to help, but there is much that can be done by changing our habits right now, with a few tweaks. Many of us tend to keep clothes and shoes for many years, and mend them rather than trash them, these are habits of any thrifty person. And I'd much rather wear the beautiful woollen jumpers Davina has knitted me over the years anyway... (I don't often put products on this blog, and only ones I use or am about to use, and I think plastic in the oceans is important enough to merit this little bit of a plug, if you'll forgive the pun.)

Positive news is needed, so that folks do not slide into despair and (the wrong kind of) inaction. So you may also like Positive News which is on line and in print, and is good journalism about good things. Their recent revamp and redesign has made this much less 'fluffy' and a really good read.

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