05 October 2018

Back from the wild

Just to let folks know I am back and in one piece... Thanks for all the messages of encouragement, which were greatly appreciated on my first cold night rekindling the fire at 3am after zero carbs all day... I am home, thrilled to have risen to the challenge, been in such incredibly beautiful woods, made a home with just a knife and folding saw (and coats full of leaf litter for bedding and thatch). My boat feels like a palace! I don't have to walk 10 minutes to a 'pond' to collect a billy can of water to boil three times a day. If you wonder why I will be eating as much as I like at the Scottish workshop next week, it's because I have to regain the weight the woods took away. However, what I got in return is incalculable. More on this soon. For now two pictures.

My home this week, in the wild embrace of a fallen oak tree.

Yesterday morning, atlatl in hand, just about to hit the target and win a huge potato for my evening stew, hurrah! Also eventually earned the Snickers bar, a Baby Bel, a corn cob, a stock cube and a banana, true delights after only burdock, dandelion and silverweed roots for carbs all week.

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