05 September 2018

T'ai Chi outdoors

In about a month's time I will be ready to start new ventures and this is a little head's up for one of them. Most T'ai Chi classes I have attended have been in rooms, halls, gyms, etc. Most of my personal T'ai Chi practice is done outside, usually amongst trees, by the river, or by the sea. The Taoist Classics refer constantly to the natural world as the greatest teacher, as do the T'ai Chi Classics. The qualities we are encouraged to embody are always natural ones and pertain to rivers, mountains, trees, pouncing cats, swooping eagles, the stillness of herons, leaping fish - the list is endless. I am lucky enough (or bloody-minded enough, not sure which yet) to have found my niche in a part of Britain relatively full of wildlife, and with a river running through it. My main medicines are T'ai Chi, walking, crafting, meditation, being out in nature (woodlands particularly). Without these, and the time put aside to make my art and live quietly, I might possibly be, as my friend so brilliantly puts it: loopy fruit loops.

So, as conviviality is the one item I had not yet listed... I propose occasional T'ai Chi afternoons, where we head out along the Thames Path, up or downstream, as it passes through several tremendous parks and green lands as it hugs the river bank. Beginning with some warm-ups and a Form, then walking, and stopping 2 or three times to do some more form, perhaps some gentle partnerwork, we'll see. I think about 3 hours would be good, maybe longer day long jaunts in the Spring next year.

Details can be sorted nearer the time, we can meet at Hampton Court train station, all you'll need is a bottle of water and a light waterproof jacket in case rain returns to this region one day. Walking shoes or trainers are just fine for doing T'ai Chi, so we won't need any kit. Get in touch if you are up for it, I shall be doing it anyway... Here are my first free dates, 22nd-31st October. Weekdays or weekends are fine, but Sunday 28th might be best for others, let me know. That would be a good Samhain-tide event.
A favourite spot for practice.

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