28 September 2018

Into the wild

In a moment I will be sharpening my knife and prepping some deerskins to soften... Must mean I am away for a week to the woods. I will miss folks at class, but will get some great teaching on posture and naturalness from the trees, no doubt, as I do my practice in the Great Ridge Woods. Wish me luck. From Monday first light until Friday morning it will just be me, in the clothes I stand up in, plus billy can, knife, folding saw and a cloth water filter. Thank goodness it doesn't look like there will be much rain, if any. See you at class and at the workshops after 7th October, perhaps with a few bites, and maybe weighing a bit less. I am praying the hazels and chestnuts are still around...

This year, with not enough time spent in the woods, I have realised that 'nature deficit disorder' is indeed a real thing. For me, regular time in broad-leaved woodland is essential, and no amount of parks or even the coast can take its place, though these too are vital to my peace of mind. If we love nature, it is time to protect it, can we make time to volunteer? In the Autumn I plan to get involved with organisations who remove plastic from river, marine, and other natural environments. More here when I have been along.

For now, do get outside when the weather allows to do some T'ai Chi, nei-gung or meditation, or just go for a walk. If the weather doesn't allow you to do this, get better waterproofs... and enjoy the autumn colours, sounds and smells.

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