24 August 2018

T'ai Chi and health benefits

If anyone reading this, including students or instructors in the schools, have come across good scientific studies, articles or publications about the proven benefits of T'ai Chi to health, please send me links or drop me a line. I had begun to collate things years ago, but it fell by the wayside as the practice took up my interest, and I avoided online research, not needing any extra justifications for my study, as the benefits in my own life and in those of my colleagues and students were plain to see. The Chinese have put particular time into evidence-based studies on the preventative effect of regular T'ai Chi on falls in older people. There is also strong evidence for the improvement of mental clarity, mood and memory, improved balance, prevention of loss of bone density and the lowering of high blood pressure. Any of these or other topics are of interest to me, so please feel free to get in touch via my website, or by email. In the near future I hope to bring some of our T'ai Chi to a much under-resourced area. More of this when I have more to tell.

Thanks to those who have already emailed, I will put great links here next week.

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