15 March 2018

Workshop dates

Dates for all Mark and my workshops are on this blog which is searchable. Just use the search box on the left at the top and put in 'workshops' or 'weapons' or whatever, and it will come up, and you can scroll down to the appropriate posting, click 'sort by date' to get the latest one at the top. I know some folk hate using the web, and I sympathise, so I usually do a dates hand out at class at Easter, and will do so soon, but for now, this is the resource. It also means we don't have to use a mailing list and clog up your inboxes with emails. Ours are the only schools I know where we don't do that. I get mail from a couple of my friends' schools deliberately, to see what passes for usual communications... Full details for Summer and Autumn workshops will go up after Easter, as I am so busy teaching and travelling right now. But the prices, places, format and facilities are the same as last year, and dates have been here since last November.
Summer: 21-27 July
Autumn: 13-15 October (Fetternear)
Sabre workshop this Sunday 18th March, St Mary Magdalene Church Hall 2-5pm.

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