24 February 2018

Sam Masich arts

We have just had a lovely few days seeing our dear friend T'ai Chi Master Sam Masich. We met a Taichi Caledonia many years ago, and have hung out since whenever our lives allow. In the new T'ai Chi studio we have almost completed, pride of place goes to a beautiful ink painting made with one brush stroke, from the founding myths of T'ai Chi. Sam gave it to me in 2009, but it will now get the wider viewing it deserves. Like Mark and myself, Sam makes music and art as well as teaching his internal arts. If you'd like to see more of his great drawings and paintings, many of which are available for sale, have a look here. Here is a picture of the painting in situ. Thanks to Sam for a great visit, and much insight. Friendship in Tao is a great joy. I have been rereading the 9th Century poems of Han Shan, and even then, drinking tea or wine on a boat, and laughing with friends on the Way was greatly valued, and worth a good poem.

I call to my friends, picking lotus,
Wonderfully afloat on the clear river,
And forget, in my delight, how late it grows,
Till gusts of evening wind whirl by.
Waves scoop up the mandarin ducks;
Ripples rock the broad-tailed mallard;
At this moment, sitting in my boat,
Thoughts pour out in endless streams.

(Trans Burton Watson)

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