18 February 2018

Dream work - Aberdeenshire

As a couple of folks had asked, I am arranging an informal session introducing the dream work, for 1 hour after the Saturday evening Partnerwork session, during my next Aberdeenshire workshops: 8.30pm, 10th March. Any T'ai Chi student is welcome to come along, there is no charge and we will drink tea! Bring a notebook and pen. I will give a brief outline of my approach, explain a  few methods for remembering dreams if you find that hard, as well as good ways to record them, once you remember them. We will also talk about why this might be a worthwhile activity, and also contraindications to this work. Any queries, let me know.

I always eventually write dreams down longhand, but now also type them up on the laptop. I have turned many into songs, or parts of songs over 30 years of song writing, I currently make spontaneous drawings from them many years later, after re-reading them, and sometimes make drawings from them fresh when I wake up, if there is a particularly interesting visual aspect, much more easily described in marks than words. They do not look at all alike, and vary wildly in style, materials and content, but here is one quick recent drawing of something a decade old.

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