22 October 2017

The T'ai Chi Centre 13th annual weeklong workshop

In 2018 the workshop will be at the same venue as this year, and the dates are below. The original Petersham scout-hut-in-an-enchanted-field venue still have not rebuilt or refurbished their hut, so it is still a bit small and dark for times when it is raining, and we'd need to be indoors. I am mindful that we had two wonderful years there under the trees, with barely a drop of rain. However, bar winning the lottery and donating half of it to build a new hut, (which I would happily do by the way!), I think we can be happy at Kingston Leander Sea Scouts place again. I will put it on the link soon, but I am still knee deep in T'ai Chi and art admin for the next week or two, as to be honest, I may have neglected this for a month or more...

Workshop dates 2018: 2-9.30pm daily, 21st-27th July, optional session 20th, 7-10pm.

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