28 September 2017

She's got gall

Yeah I have, actually,
Last week I found these on a young oak tree near here, two kinds of oak gall, perfect for making oak gall ink. I will go back and harvest more this weekend, as once the larvae have hatched no animal is hurt to gather them, and it doesn't damage the tree either. If you see any on your travels, please do pick them for me. 

Next week I'll be in  the wilds of Romania teaching some ancient art techniques and an introduction to the alchemical colours of black, white and red, here. That means I won't be at class to help with weapons next week, so please help out if need be, and bear with Mark if the register suffers... I also have to work the following week, 10th October, when new term fees are due, so feel free to wait until we are all back on 24th October. Thanks for your understanding. Wish me luck with the wolves and the bears.

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